Queen of Wands

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When you receive the Queen of Wands in a reading, it urges you to consider how inspiration and determination sustain success. You might think about how you find inspiration in your life and make sure that you have access to the things that inspire you.

Queen of Wands MeaningQueen of Wands Meaning

The Queen of Wands is a person who oozes charisma, is truly passionate about what they do, and is full of innovative ideas for getting things done. She is someone who values life, has great self-awareness, and has undergone a transformation.

This individual has a quick and nimble intellect, showing enthusiasm for projects or the community. This is a leader that is both compassionate and visionary, and who has a strong bond with those around them. This depicts a completely developed woman or someone who is fully realized and linked to their community.
The cat on the card represents someone who has a quick mind and can think rapidly, move their energy swiftly, and make quick decisions and changes. They have a terrific gut feeling about something.

The Queen of Wands’ best course of action This is an invitation to express oneself through creative endeavors in order to share your vision with others. Don’t be afraid to speak up and make sure an idea gets a chance to grow. Don’t be afraid to take the lead on community projects because this person is a strong leader.

Don’t be scared to step in and begin or continue your journey of self-discovery, because queens are always very connected to their community and are excellent communicators.

Take charge of your life by trusting the strong feminine in your life, whether it’s within you or someone else, and conveying your desires without being envious. Keep your promises to yourself and others, and trust that what you have to offer is sufficient.

Queen of Wands Reversed Queen of Wands Reversed

Reversing The Queen of Wands can signify being stymied by circumstance. It can also signify someone who is envious, unable to communicate, or who does not believe they are being heard.

It could also symbolize someone who is both charismatic and destructive. The best course of action is to go in the opposite direction. This card serves as a reminder to take a step back and consider your options.

Proceed with caution because the individuals around you may not be completely honest or trustworthy. Patience is preferable to knee-jerk reactions. Keep your mouth shut and refrain from giving advice; on the other hand, the advice you give could come from an untrustworthy source.

Overall, curb your need to exert control over a situation; things may not be as they appear, so proceed with caution.


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