Queen of Swords

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As a character, the queen of kinds is extremely perceptive, so if you pull this card, you have that sharpness to your intellect and thinking, but this card can also imply that you’re so keen that you’re unyielding, and this card can also indicate a lack of emotional capabilities.

Queen of Swords MeaningQueen of Swords Meaning

This is someone who can see through the haze, clouds, and smoke and mirrors to see things for what they truly are. Some name this card the mask cutter because they can cut people’s masks off and see them for who they truly are.

This is really clear. Great logic and insight, as well as the capacity to see the big picture. This, denotes a critical analytical mind, one who can advocate for others, and it represents someone addressing suffering or Starnes with clarity and courage. This may be a serious counselor delivering sound guidance, even if it’s difficult to hear or accept.

It’s a good moment to seek or give sound advice. This is someone who keeps their head above the clouds and is committed to clarity, even if it is tough to achieve. This is someone who is reasonable, critical, and works in the speech economy. When the queen of swords is upright, the best course of action is to see things as they are, not as you wish they were. Remove emotion from the situation as much as possible and look at things logically.

This is more about the mind than the stomach. This is staying cool even while you’re surrounded by chaos. It’s a good idea to take a step back and take in all of the variables of the situation. Tell the truth and cut through the BS. Tell it like it is, look ahead and pave the path for others, and choose not to succumb to despair or stagnation in your actions, company, and decisions.

This could be a sign that you should seek treatment or outside counsel for further information, but in general, you should be able to look ahead with confidence.

Queen of Swords ReversedQueen of Swords Reversed

The Queen of Swords reversed represents someone whose judgment is off, who may be obsessing over the past and past mistakes instead of looking to the future.

This can be someone with a sharp tongue who may be using logic to cut and hurt rather than to help. This could be someone in your life or it could be you, so you should be aware of this. With the queen of swords reversed, the wisest course of action you must recognize that your judgment may be off at this time.

You may be clinging to something or using logic that appears to make sense but does not. This can be a signal to sheath your sword and stop being so judgmental.

Hold back your words, refrain from judging yourself or others, and recognize that you may be being overly judgmental and that you need to take a step back and possibly forgive. It’s like laying down a sword, retreating from poor logic, twisted logic, and a rational mind turned in on itself.

Stop hammering thoughts in your head over and over again, let them go, and overall, something might appear to be true but isn’t so that is the queen of swords.

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