Queen of Cups

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In a reading, The Queen of Cups denotes emotional maturity in someone, perhaps you, who has a nurturing nature and is very sympathetic and kind to others.

Queen of Cups MeaningQueen of Cups Meaning

The Queen of Cups represents someone who is directing all of their energies and vision into creating something they believe in. It could be pouring your energies into a relationship or creating a project, but really just being flowing and open and visionary. It can also represent someone who has a great intuition, possibly psychic, or just being able to really tap into the emotions and feelings of those around them, as well as a deep understanding of their own emotional condition.

This symbol denotes someone who is very grounded when it comes to emotional concerns, as well as someone who can easily handle complex emotional relationships or complex creative undertakings. The wisest course of action for the Queen of Cups Believe in what you’re producing and love yourself and others with openness and trust.

Focus your energies into your passions. Just let it go, trust yourself, and believe in your capacity to communicate your sentiments.

Connect with others through listening and empathizing with them. set a good example Organize your dreams and wishes so that they are in line with your goals and ambitions. set a good example Recognize what and who provides you with emotional fulfillment.

The queen of cups was flipped over. This can reflect being hurt, being disappointed in love, or being disappointed in artistic undertakings, as well as being creatively blocked and emotionally obstructed.  Depression is possible.

Being unable to access your emotions It can symbolize someone in your life being dishonest, or it could reflect you being dishonest. It can also represent feeling emotionally overwhelmed, or even entirely shutting off emotions, and it could represent you or someone else being manipulative.

Queen of Cups ReversedQueen of Cups Reversed

The wisest course of action for The Queen of Cups is to reverse it. Do not allow your emotions to run away from you you may need to hide your feelings in order to stay safe. You may need to squash or stop a project, for the time being, It may not be the time to show your hand to open up to others. if you have been hurt, feel it so you can begin to move on.

Don’t shut it off there maybe someone in your life, who is untrustworthy, dishonest, emotionally manipulative, or simply sad.

This may be a call to heed Also, dismiss any moaning you may have and put a lid on your sentiments in general since it may not be safe to communicate your feelings at this time, so it calls for some editing and time to be a little bit cautious and take care.

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