Page of Swords

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The Page of Swords is a card about being open to new ideas, learning how to communicate your ideas with others, and knowing when and how to share them. Because this is the mental realm of the swords, this card also warns you to remember to stay grounded. You can’t have a balanced existence if you exist too much in that mental realm, and ideas will never manifest if you lose that grounding.

Page of Swords MeaningPage of Swords Meaning

The mood fighter is this card. This is unquestionably someone who is advocating for himself or an idea. This is someone who is keeping their head above the clouds and really debating and defending what they believe in. This can be engaging with a young person who has an idea that they’re very passionate about in a really positive and nice way. There are a number of good ideas here.

This is when you’re ready to defend yourself, another person, or a strategy. This end can imply some bluster and swagger not necessarily bad, it’s just that overall this can represent the beginning of a project. Especially a project of study, especially one of logic or arithmetic is something that’s not emotional, but more intellectual and this just can be your starting point.

The best course of action is to keep the page of swords upright. First and foremost, advocate for yourself and your concept. Be prepared to defend yourself or another person; you can expect some conflict, but it won’t be a large debate, rather, it will be the testing of a concept.

Fend off any irritability Don’t give in to dread or anxiety. Hold on to what you believe in, even if it’s against the odds. Begin a writing or research endeavor by carefully examining a proposal. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. a struggle for mental clarity. Stick to your guns and don’t let any negative fears, worry, or impostor syndrome creep in, and you’ll be able to defend yourself and your concept.

Page of Swords ReversedPage of Swords Reversed

This is someone who is overcome with doubt and irritability, rehearsing unpleasant ideas or potentially negative results. This can include a sense of being lost before you’ve even begun, a lack of clarity, and little errors, particularly in research grammar, and math.

Perhaps you’re being attacked by a young individual, particularly a young or immature person acting inappropriately. Tiny delays could be the cause. Messes and foolish errors might be as simple as a lack of clarity, or it can be as simple as giving up on a project early on, or as simple as frustration with a project. The best line of action is to reverse it.

It might be time to retreat to not engage there might be a call for you to fight any moodiness or lack of mental clarity. You might not think you have clarity but you don’t . You’re not seeing the entire picture there are still some clouds and your thoughts and you can’t you haven’t risen above them yet.

So if you do proceed with caution withdraw until you do have more clarity, you may need to accept that someone will not or will not hear you. Double-check everything,

Make sure you’re not behaving rashly, you may need to realize that you don’t have clarity at this time and that you’ll need to cut ties with someone. Something may not be permanent, but something isn’t quite ready, or you may simply need to take a step back; so that’s the page of swords.

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