Page of Cups

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The Page of Cups is a card that represents waking insight and emotional growth. learning how to take care of oneself and seize new opportunities in life, discover new opportunities.

Page of Cups MeaningPage of Cups Meaning

This Card depicts the dreamer, the intuitive, a young loving open person who is open to all the numerous alternatives that are accessible. Just considering all of that, it’s a very emotionally open card and very intuitive very perceptive into emotional situations at play around you.

This may also be a very passionate young person a very loving young person, and this is compassion gentleness emotional insight. Simply cheerful and flowing touchy-feely. This is very much the playful open child within you or someone around you. Love another or accept love from a stranger gain insight and perspective by approaching something from an emotionally available place.

When you’re being very honest about where you stand, it’s actually pretty hard for another person to hurt you. This is just being open to ideas and love. This can indicate pregnancy or conception in some instances.

This is very much the playful open child within you or someone around you love. Be receptive to your intuition, really connect with your gut, and trust what you’re experiencing daydream dream. Accept what someone else is offering you or provide friendship or affection to someone else. Trust your gut.

Go with the flow, don’t be judgmental, and love freely and unconditionally with no strings attached, as well as being open to new ideas. allow yourself to be carried away So that’s the page of cups up right, enjoy and let the child inside of you out.

Page of Cups ReversedPage of Cups Reversed

The reversed Page of Cups denotes being emotionally blocked, with feelings of jealousy and envy, as well as feeling stuck and out of the flow.

Little disagreements merely experiencing this slight sense of emotion and ease can signal being emotionally irresponsible or thoughtless.

Simply being irritated with a young person in maturity, being unable to conceive jealously petulance, or simply being rejected, The Page of Cups inverted the best plan of action.

You might be being called to release toxic emotions and thoughts. Of your own, our negative thoughts flooding you, look at their origins you might need to reject a proposal.

You might need to apologize to someone if you acted hurtfully. This might simply be it called you to step away from a toxic person in your life or a troubled person in your life, either a young person or someone with an immature attitude.

You need to look at that and be cautious around that you might be being called to release toxic emotions and thoughts of your own negative.

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