Ludy Lescot Tarot Review (All 78 Ludy Lescot Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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It’s the Ludy Lescot Tarot can be described as a mysterious deck viewed from the viewpoint from Ludy Lescot, “a young enthusiast and scholar of the arts who one might meet in the steamy streets of New Orleans’ New Orleans French Quarter”. It’s a colorful 78-card deck that is a little different. It’s impossible to categorize this deck. Like many of the work of Lo Scarabeo This deck’s unique design and maverick style renders any attempt to categorize it as useless.

First of all, the box. Pagans will be delighted. The black color has the purple ankh Matriarchs might want to take this as a sign for Venus. A majority of deck’s protagonists are female. The study of the reasons why certain roles have been assigned to certain sexes within the deck can lead the reader to think that it deck is an Pagan deck despite the number of crucifixes that are featured in the artwork. (For instance the woman on the two chalices is wearing an oculus).


The major arcana do not do not have names – they just carry a number between 0 and 21. Minors display their suit symbols (top of the card) with a number ranging from 1 to 10, which is at the bottom. Court cards can be distinguished by various symbols, such as King Queen, Knight and Knave.

This is an excellent idea and one that Lo Scarabeo seems to be employing more frequently. The majority of their decks have images that are packed with titles that span up to six languages (their most recent example is the ‘Tarot of fire’). The design is simple, clear and universal. It also provides more room in the design, which is the main thing.Lo Scarabeo’s imagination is on the forefront with this deck. Ludy Lescot, a fictional character that is brought to life in the appearance that is this deck. According to the LWB”a younger Tarot reader . . . which is located in the vicinity of the famed Bourbon Street to the French Quarter of New Orleans . . . She has published numerous publications on esotericism but never in her name’. The article continues to state that “Ludy faced a lack of respect as celebrities she gave readings for exposed to the media her ability to see into the future. She also made ‘disturbing predictions about the decade that just started’.

The Lover: (a bound woman being attacked by a vampire male and a man on horseback comes to help her) . . . “Passion is born from blood. Kindness is a product from the soul. The love of God is brutal and, in the event that it’s true it will be able to get away from it.’

“The Wheel” (a female cries in the middle of a high stairs, the stairs are bones of a human. Human figures on high up on the stairs appears to greet the glowing light inside the big wheel) . . . When we are in darkness and we’re drawn to the light , just like moths to flames. When we are in the light, it’s the darkness that calls to us.’

A Handed Man: (a man lies on his back, upside down, in the bed of skulls, hands are either removing the ropes that connect his feet or tying knots) . . . “Memory is an illusionary cemetery. Anywhere you make your head turn, it is important to keep looking upwards and forwards!

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