Law of Attraction Tarot Review (All 78 Law of Attraction Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The Law of Attraction Tarot is inspired by the bestseller, The Secret, and its promises to manifest whatever you’d like in your life. The 78-card deck is different in its terms of imagery and message from traditional decks, and is designed to help you realize your goals. It is believed that the Law Of Attraction has been the subject of much attention since the release in Rhonda Byrnes’ The Secret. It is believed to help achieve your goals by defining your goals and focusing your positive energy to get the desired outcome.

It’s a 78-card deck that has 22, Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. Major Arcana are the only cards that have no titles. Major Arcana contain no titles and only a number in Roman numerals that appear at the top and the bottom on each of the cards. In a strange way, these Major Arcana have artwork that immediately recognizes for Rider Waite Smith (RWS) images, however the meanings are loose and unpredictably with widely accepted interpretations. For instance”Justice” – “Justice (Discipline) Fuel your desire each day by picturing your vision …” or “The Chariot (Dynamism) Act immediately and clearly if you are looking to make your desires become reality. …”


Minor Arcana: The Minor Arcana consists of four suits of 14 cards that are numbered from 1-10, with the court card being one of them. The suits offered include Chalices Pentacles, Wands, and Swords. The images on the cards are not akin with RWS images. They do , however, adhere to the traditional tarot lines of hyperlinks with The Elements and Zodiac signs and have traits that are shared by both. E.g. swords are guided by the element Air as well as the Astrological signs of Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are a sign of difficulty as well as intelligence and communication. The LWB offers every one of the cards a distinct name that is related to the meaning of the card. E.g. For example, Eight of Wands (Gratification) five of Chalices (Harmony) and so on. The numbers on the Minor Arcana always represent ideas or events that could assist or hinder the person seeking in their quest for fulfillment.

The Court Cards include Knaves, Knights Queens, Kings, and Knights Some of them are depicted using abstract ideas rather than actual people for example, like for instance, the Knight of Cups which is depicted as two masculine hands that shake hands. When reading, the Queens and Kings are real individuals who could be part of the life of the person reading it, while the Knights and the Knaves provide the possibility of being a real person, idea, or the result of an event.

The design of this deck was from Simone Gabrielli. The colors are muted and dark, and the images blend mysterious, as well as contemporary. The cards measure 66 x120 millimetres, a standard size deck from Lo Scarabeo. Its cardstock is excellent with a low sheen and silky smooth. The cards move extremely smoothly without getting caught or becoming too slippery and difficult to manage. The print is crisp and the images are clean and crisp. Each image is bordered with an elongated blue line, and the frame is broader and white. Numerous symbols and numbers are arranged in a pennant both at the top and bottom of the images.

The Little White Book contains instructions in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German.It was composed by Marina Roveda specifically for this deck. The manual provides a quick description of The Law of Attraction and how to apply it to you. The book comes with a six-card layout that isn’t much different from any other spread that is basic that shows where you are the moment, what’s against you, what might occur, what will happen, and the results and so on. The Celtic Cross spread would work especially effectively with the cards. The LWB does not provide any explanation of what’s happening on the card, or how it relates to the meaning that is given. Tarot cards of the traditional variety usually come with multiple interpretations and it’s the ability of the reader to interpret the meaning of the cards for the individual. The LOA cards are not subject for ambiguity or ad-hoc interpretations. It is the Little White Book gives the card number, along with the an alternative name (in brackets) as well as a precise meaning, as well as advice pertaining with The Law of Attraction. Common advice might include actions you should take to bring your dream to realization.

The Law of Attraction Tarot by Lo Scarabeo (2011-05-08): Books




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