La Corte Dei Tarocchi Tarot Review (All 78 La Corte Dei Tarocchi Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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Le Corte dei Tarocchi has wide, long cards that were decorated with fun engravings that were hand-painted. It’s a collector’s card deck with an appealingly aged look, released in the name of il Meneghello in a (somewhat) limited edition of 1100 decks. The La Corte dei Tarocchi is published by Il Meneghello in Italy. It was likely intended to be a collector’s deck rather than a reading deck and was released as an edition of only 1100 copies. The creator is Anna Maria D’Onofrio, who has passed away. Her art is quirky delightful, whimsical and charming. The process involves engraving zinc plates, and hand painting the prints using watercolor, which results in sharp, clean lines that are softened by a soft, warm palette, and a very skilled shading. The original artwork was lavishly embellished by gold foil with strategic accents.


The top-quality printing process used by Il Meneghello has ensured that even with no gold ink this particular detail is evident. The cards are hand-titled in Italian and some pip symbols have letters inside the pip symbols that reiterate the card’s numerology. The deck is built on Tarot de Marseilles. Tarot de Marseilles pattern, featuring the cards being 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana and suits titled Coppe, Denari, Spade and Bastoni. The pips are mainly not scenic, with the exception of two Cups that show the figure sitting in front of a table with the cup. A second cup is placed upon the table. The other pins have small, illuminating embellishments on the pips. The Court cards display excellent character. In particular, The Page of Swords is particularly beautiful sitting in a formal posture and appearing to be poised to burst into laughter. “The Queen of Coins is shown alongside an adorable white dog who is trying to jump onto her lap.

The Major Arcana are stunningly depicted with a soft palette of warm browns, faded denim, and deep shades of cranberry. The majority of trumps appear rather unnoticeable, but clearly depicting their archetypes such as the Emperor is shown sitting on a throne holding a globe, The Tower is a stone structure struck by lightning, and two figures falling off the top. It’s not anything special. The opposite half of the Trumps are stunning in different shades of subtility. The High Priestess keeps her book in a closed position, on her back, and shows no one the secrets in. Two characters on the Devil stare at each the other while covering their nakedness with astonishment. It is a stunning scene. Sun is a dazzling display of warm yellow, and there were two kids (reminiscent of the pair from the Lovers by the colors of their clothing) playing beneath. In the series, The Hanged Man and Star feature the most adorable, unlikely birds in their drawings. Strength is the eleventh bird in the series.

The cards are extremely wide and long as compared to the majority of decks. This has been an obstacle to the artist in fitting archetypal cards from the past in an alternative aspect ratio with no major distortion. She has done it admirably and only a few of cards are difficult to view due to the amount of perspective packed within a small frame. The cards are Il Mondo, Il Carro and La Torre di Babelle (The World, The Chariot and The Tower of Babel).

It Meneghello decks are renowned for their manufacturing and the feel of the cards. This deck is no exception. The cardstock is extremely thick which makes the whole deck about four centimetres high when stacked. Additionally, the deck is not laminated. The cardstock is textured particularly on the front of the cards with fine striations running from top to bottom across each card’s length. It creates a pleasant vibrating sound and feels when the cards are pushed across one another. The corners aren’t round and the cards aren’t identical in dimensions. The combination of the size, aspect ratio, cardstock and non-rounded corners make this deck difficult to shuffle but is achievable with reasonable satisfaction.






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