Knight of Cups

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When you see the Knight of Cups in a reading, it means you should seize this new opportunity, but continue with caution to ensure that it is what you expect it to be and that you will gain from it.

Knight of Cups MeaningKnight of Cups Meaning

This is the lover’s card. This is someone who is openly romantic and emotionally generous. This is the most heartfelt card. This is someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.

It can indicate a proposal or an offer, it can indicate you making a proposal and offering yourself to another. This is someone who loves the idea of love, someone who is following their dreams, visions, and desires.

It’s being deeply committed to ideals or an idealized version of the world. This can indicate being lost in dreams and fantasies, not necessarily bad but perhaps not excessively, so this can indicate being lost in dreams and fantasies.

With the Knight of Cups, the ideal course of action is to reveal your affection to another person, to take the chance, to make the offer, to put yourself out there emotionally, and to be open and receptive.

Submit a creative concept, preferably one that is truly heartfelt and originates from a very deep place. Allow your imagination to wander as you visualize what you really want. Consider anything emotive Let out your emotions, try a new interest without judging the outcome, and let go of any jealousy.

Simply love unconditionally, ask, propose, and be available.

Knight of Cups ReversedKnight of Cups Reversed

The reversal of The Knight of Cups signifies emotional disappointment. Being let down can result in depression and/or disappointment as a result of a rejection of an offer.

This can be someone who is uncomfortable with emotion or being pushed to declare where you stand in a relationship and not being comfortable with that means unsure of where you stand romantically. Rejecting a romantic proposal or an offer of friendship can be a feeling of being emotionally completed, stuck, or rejected.

This can also reveal some jealousy either you are feeling jealous or being on the receiving end of jealousy. So basically it’s a disappointment or love affair.

This could be a call to let go of an idealized vision or a dream, that’s the feeling of something that could be.

It could also be a call to be more pragmatic – if you’re feeling jealous, let go of jealousy and envy and see things as they are, not as you wish they were. Watch out for lies or half-truths from others. It could simply be a call to accept a loss or turn down a proposal. It could simply be a call to accept.

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