King of Wands

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The King of Wands is a card that represents loyalty, leadership, and the maturity required to see initiatives through to completion. It’s also a card that teaches you to keep a realistic perspective on progress so that you may establish realistic goals along the way.

King of Wands MeaningKing of Wands Meaning

The King of Wands signifies a visionary leader with exceptional communication skills, a strong grasp of a project, an understanding of how to get things done, and the ability to delegate carefully and accurately. Someone who is tremendously enthusiastic about a project but also recognizes the responsibility that a project or plan entails. This person is skilled at converting negative situations into positive ones.

Angela is a lightning-quick person who can make swift modifications. This is someone who is well-established in their field and capable of providing candid feedback and suggestions. With this card, there’s a sensation of being slightly limited by the obligations of controlling or leading others, a want to spring up and move forward but being stymied by everything you’re responsible for. This is someone with excellent intuition who can be theatrical and incredibly expressive.

This is also a symbol of generosity, as well as someone who is passionate but has been tempered by life experience. When you have the King of Wands, the best course of action is to lead. Seize the day trust yourself and move forward confidently communicate your vision don’t be a shy step up seize the day and express yourself.

Communicate without fear understand that you have power in this situation and that you must wield it with authority and a commitment to doing the right thing so just cease your power and move forward confidently.

The inverted King of Wands This can imply trouble concentrating on a task, as well as expose or signal disputes. Persons who are at odds with you people you’ve delegated to aren’t performing their job running into roadblocks on a huge project or in a passionate relationship can suggest jealousy. If this card is in a position of power over another, expect conflict and possibly severe criticism.

Some pushback can disclose problems or roadblocks in the completion of a project. It might also signal that others do not trust or respect your authority, or that you are being put into a position for which you are unprepared or lack the necessary skill set for the King of Wands.

King of Wands ReversedKing of Wands Reversed

The best path of action reversal You should expect some pushback, disagreements, and things not going as planned. You may be required to hold your tongue as you listen to others, even if you already have the solution in your grasp. This is a caution to guard against reckless action or gossip, and it could simply mean watching your back.

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