King of Swords

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The king of swords is a figure of power and determination who insists on uncovering and communicating the truth. It could also mean receiving or being called to give solid advise.

King of Swords MeaningKing of Swords Meaning

The King of Swords denotes a strong mind. This exemplifies intellectual clarity and rationality. Someone who is able to perceive the large picture while still comprehending the whys & hows of a scenario.

This can be a lawyer, official, writer, diplomat, or scientist who displays sharp rapid analytical piercing thinking or analysis when dishonesty or illogical reasoning is identified. This is a person who does not tolerate fools lightly but protects the poor or those in need. This is being laser-focused on a purpose and moving with clarity and understanding.

Someone who is more receptive to reasoning and well-considered proposals. This is sound advice from competent counsel. If you’re looking for legal advice, this is a terrific place to start. The wisest course of action for the King of Swords is to stand erect. Examine your situation objectively rather than emotionally. Be rational. You may even need to be cruel, be intellectually tough.

Accept no half-truths, incomplete logic, or incomplete initiatives. Demand honesty, thoughtfulness, and completeness, and don’t let anyone influence you away from the right road.

Be cognizant of what is right and just. This might be a request to just lay down the law with someone. It’s a mental discipline, and it signifies sensible advice and possibly a well-thought-out plan of action.


King of Swords ReversedKing of Swords Reversed

The King of Swords’ position has been flipped. This is someone who can be severe to harsh, using logic or perceived logic for negative ends or to injure or manipulate a situation. Strictness without compassion for human vulnerability. This could be a sign of a bully.

This can signify an erroneous judgment finding or a poor grade, as well as the possibility that you were being judgmental and harsh, or that you were simply wrong.

Even if you believe you are correct the King of Swords reversed, the best course of action would be to consider just laying down your sword and retreating. You might not have all the knowledge you need even if you believe you do do not engage step back.

Proceed with caution. Be on the lookout for someone who is severely evaluating you.

There may be some unfairness buried behind the logic. Withhold your judgment, so that others can make their own decisions and mistakes.

Stay still, this may be a signal to avoid engaging with someone at this time or to strategically step back and withdraw, but do so with awareness and not in an emotional manner. You may simply need to cut ties at this time, so that’s the king of swords.


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