King of Cups

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The King of Cups represents the successful application of strength, particularly emotional fortitude. This character is a person of insight and influence, so receiving this card in a reading can indicate that you are being called to that position or that there is someone in your life who is acting as a guide for you.

King of Cups MeaningKing of Cups Meaning

The King of Cups represents someone who is emotionally mature, generous, open, trusting, and compassionate. This is someone who can handle difficult emotional situations and conversations easily, or you have an instinctive grasp of what people require.

This can also indicate mastery in your art, mastery in how you connect with others, and mastery of self-expression. There may be some more turbulent emotions at play, and they may even be motivating you, but you’re keeping them contained and that’ll put a lid on them. You’re also keeping things moving at a steady pace, which may take some energy.

This can be someone who has a lot on their plate caring for a lot of people. You might be containing your emotions out of a generous act for the greater good, and this is someone who is deeply insightful and able to provide wise counsel, as well as someone who comes from a place of great artistic integrity, and you might be containing your emotions out of a generous act for the greater good.

With the king of cups, the best course of action is to love others as they are, to be emotionally generous, to recognize that you may be a leader, which is vital, especially when dealing with people’s hearts, and to trust that you’ll know what to do with others. Trust your work and stick to your vision. This might be a tumultuous period, and people may be looking to you to set the emotional tone.

Act responsibly and recognize your inherent power in this scenario. Love, but with your eyes wide open, and above all, stay true to yourself, your relationships, and your vision.

King of Cups ReversedKing of Cups Reversed

When The Ling of Cups is reversed, it can indicate unrest and arguments. Just plain squabbling with someone who is hurting in love and is down in love jealousy.

Someone being dishonest, this could be you, it can indicate an emotionally manipulative person, it can indicate someone using sensitive information in an attempt to control another or steer a situation, and it simply can reveal that you are involved in a work-in-progress. You’re nearing completion but not quite there yet, all right the best course of action with the king of cups reversed.

Understand that there may be some deeper, more turbulent, or challenging emotions rocking the boat, and it may be important for you to look at them so you can truly understand what’s going on and why it’s going on.

This could also be a call for you to not take responsibility or simply try not to control another person’s response because you can’t control other people’s emotions or how they react.

This could also be a call for you to be emotionally discreet because there are some situations where you need to be emotionally discreet.

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