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Justice is a balancing card. It can imply a fair outcome after a period of hardship, but it can also serve as a reminder to check in with yourself and ensure that your ideas and actions in the world are in sync.

Justice MeaningJustice Meaning

Upright Justice refers to a situation’s fairness, balance, and acceptable resolution. It can represent an equitable exchange of goods services energies working well with others. It can represent an equal partnership arbitration mediation and encounter with the law. It can represent seeing the world or a particular situation with clarity, it can represent working with lawyers for a fair outcome or decision.

It can also represent an equitable exchange of goods services energies working well with others and seeing the world or a particular situation with clarity. It can represent seeing the world or a particular situation with clarity it can represent working with lawyers a fair outcome or decision it can represent.

This can be used to weigh the pros and cons of a decision. thinking about your possibilities the ability to understand all the components of a situation, especially a complicated and/or dynamic one, with insight and accuracy. This can also reflect cause and effect and things working out as they should a proper outcome.

When it comes to Justice, the best course of action is to take a fresh look at the situation. Try to remove the emotion from the situation and approach it in a more rational or thinking manner.

analyze the benefits and drawbacks re-examine anything with high impartiality and rationality Before making a decision, think about all of the factors and assess all of the advantages and disadvantages. This may also urge you to form fruitful collaborations. Embrace a solid, well-thought-out working relationship; hammer out contracts or specifics; ensure that all points are fair to all parties; and, if necessary, seek the advice of an objective third party. If you don’t have enough insight or need more clarity, I could assist you in your analysis.

Justice ReversedJustice Reversed

This can signify an injustice if Justice is reversed.

Something isn’t working out for you, something isn’t right, things aren’t working out as expected or as they should, and this can indicate dishonesty with yourself or others, as well as hidden motives.

Someone being unjust to you or you being unjust to someone else taking advantage of you or you taking advantage of someone else the termination of a partnership an unjust legal decision. This can simply mean being unfairly judged or you unfairly judging another.

The best course of action with Justice reversed first sometimes you can’t be fair to everyone and that’s a hard concept to grasp. But sometimes things aren’t going to work out in your favor or you can’t be fair and equitable to everyone involved there. May be no way to correct an imbalance or injustice at this time and it may be too late.

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