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The card of Judgment represents a tremendous epiphany. This is a card about really coming into your own understanding of the self, really finding your place in the world, realizing what it is that you’re really meant to do, and it can also be a card about Redemption, which often comes in the form of forgiving yourself so that all of those negative feelings you’re holding on to can pass on and won’t hold you back.

Judgement MeaningJudgement Meaning

The upright Judgment represents an undeniable call from within awakening to your true purpose feeling compelled to announce to the world what you believe in what you want a plan of action or just your true purpose in life. It represents a change that has already occurred and you may just be recognizing and acknowledging it is good Judgment.

It is the ability to see clearly what is workable and not workable a decision has been made this is the ability to see the big picture this card represents an awakening a resurrection an understanding that you have already changed in a very profound way.

Overall with this card all objections to what you feel called to do or move on is just excuses it is a trumpets call you’re waking up and feeling this great sense of power and motivation and the best course of action is to do what you feel called to do or move on an appropriate decision.

Judgement ReversedJudgement Reversed

Reverse First and foremost, the just represents poor Judgment or a lack of clarity about how you wish to proceed in response to a call. To change resistance to something that is about to happen.

This can also be someone being unnecessarily critical or harsh this could be you or you being harshly criticized a sense of profound unease feeling a little dead inside. Pushing against transformation fear of proceeding others resisting you not hearing what you have to say or this can also be you not hearing what you have to say or this can also be you.

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