Jane Austen Tarot Review (All 78 Jane Austen Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The must-have set for any Jane Austen fan, this beautiful set of 53 tarot cards includes hand-drawn characters as well as objects from Austen’s classic novels.
The renowned Jane Austen creator Jacqui Oakley is bringing her exquisite artwork to tarot in this gorgeous and whimsical set. It features 53 different characters (including Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Elinor Dashwood, and more) as well as objects (such as well-trimmed bonnets as well as an assortment of novels) in Austen’s works Each card doubles as a game card as well as a Tarot card. The card features the character Mr. Wickham from Pride and Prejudice as the Devil and a teapot symbolizing strength as well as Austen herself playing the Magician It’s a great gift for new and longtime Austen lovers.

The deck is sleek, large, and refined The deck is housed in an enclosed cigar box embellished with foil stamping as well as the enclosure is sealed with a wafer and comes with the booklet, which provides a review of the Tarot, as well as an introduction to the deck as well as Austen’s world. Austen.

“The “Tarot of Jane Austen” is based on a variety of works written by the author Jane Austen and includes “Emma”, “Lady Susan”, “Mansfield Park”, “Northanger Abbey”, “Persuasion”, “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility”. Wilkes (webmistress on the renowned Tarot Passages website) is doing a great job in combining characters from these works to the archetypes and characters which are the characters that tell the story of the Tarot.


The kit includes the 78-card deck, an LWB (Little White Book) as well as the companion book, which is 175 pages long. The LWB is a re-creation of Lo Scarabeo, and has sections with sections in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German. The introduction is brief to each card, and they are described with key keywords and concepts. The scans are not included. The suit is Candlesticks (Wands), Teacups (Cups), Quills (Swords), and Coins (Pentacles). The spreads include Love and Friendship and the Bildungsroman (referring to a particular kind of literary genre that is the novel about learning/formation in the context of the system of social relations).

In the following intro, Wilkes presents a nice overview (called a Movie Guide) of the works that are included in the deck. This is an excellent resource for those who have read a few but not all the works. This could even inspire us to seek the books out!

Major Arcana Major Arcana are presented with the black and white scan and the book from which images on the card are drawn from and an explanation about the card’s design, the narrative in the book, a lengthy interpretation of the card, and an “What would Jane do?” section that explains to readers the tips Jane Austen would give based on the particular card. This is the Minor Arcana Pips (numbered cards) are presented in the same way, but without the storyline.

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