Infinite Visions Tarot Review (All 78 Infinite Visions Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The Infinite Visions Tarot has collage images that are based on artwork by the Old Masters. It is based on the Rider-Waite Tarot. However, it there are two more majors: the Dark Priestess as well as the Dark Magician. The edition is handcrafted by the artist.

There are a handful of decks featuring collages of paintings by paintings of the Old Masters now, each with its own unique appeal. The most recent is a handmade and printed at home called it’s the Infinite Visions Tarot by Colorado artist Gloria Jean. According to her The decks “depict the infinite images of the royal road, as travelled by the fool from birth to death using the art of the old masters”. One of my favorites can be the Page of Pentacles, with the young boy who is engrossed in a book, seated by the flame. It’s a picture of a student and one who is willing to learn. On the right side, an unassuming man kneeling to a woman who has her hand in her heart is the picture of romance or courtly romance. To the left two women dressed in nightwear are sharing a passionate kiss.


It’s an 80-card set which includes the usual 78 cards , plus two additional important arcana cards: the Dark Priestess and the Dark Magician. The Dark Priestess serves as a warning about’spies within your circle’. the Dark Magician can also be warning and a heads-up but of the hidden adversary, someone who has hatred, jealousy and fear. The set I have reviewed comes in the 2nd edition which measures 2.75 inches by 4.5″ in size, whereas the first edition was smaller. The set also comes with a certificate of Authenticity card that is stamped with the deck’s code as well as authenticated by Gloria.

The cards are printed, then cut from sheets to individual pieces, the rounded corners, then placed to an order set by Gloria. The cards are thin and flexible. They are printed with waterproof ink and finished with a matt lamination. The tuck-box for cards has more lamination, making it more durable. Inside, along with all the cards is a book of white pages. It contains an introduction page, as well as a half-page about how to utilize the cards and the remainder is a summary of the information about the meanings for the various cards. More in-depth explanations of the definitions are on Gloria’s website. They will explain how the card can be applied to your job as well as your relationship and health, and also provides more general information.

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