Impressionist Tarot Review (All 78 Impressionist Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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Inspired by one of the largest and most important and visually stunning art movements ever created This tarot deck offers completely unique perspectives on the toughest questions of life. Travel through the majesty of the world’s art history, and experience the magic of the exquisite beauty. This deck contains 78 cards, inspired by Rider-Waite and 160 pages of a full-color, full-color guidebook. The Tarot of the Impressionist pays tribute to the great artists who dominated the 19th century of France that including the 78 cards depicting Parisian design and feel. The suit of Wands is based on Manet’s artwork Cups represent Monet, Swords are Van Gogh Pentacles belong to Degas as well as the Majors represent a blend of French artists.

Also known by the name “the painters of light” The Impressionists were an artistic movement of the 19th century that began in Paris. Their innovative subject matter included real-life scenes of contemporary urban and rural scenes created on the spot rather than in a studio. Utilizing completely innovative styles and techniques for color and painting at a fast pace Impressionists could capture the dramatic and fleeting effect of sunlight in their natural surroundings. This resulted in stunning transparent, translucent, and transcendent paintings which revolutionized painting and expanded the boundaries of what was possible with art. The Tarot of the Impressionist seeks to express the revolutionary spirit through artists like Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, van Gogh, and Gauguin. They aren’t cut and paste Impressionist masterpieces that are forced into the tarot’s framework instead, they are reinterpretations of the style of the masters of the Impressionist movement.


The Tarot of the Impressionist is a completely illustrated deck. The 22-card Major Arcana has only Roman numerals with no titles, but as per The Little White Book, this is the standard Rider Waite Smith-based Arcana that has not been renamed or re-conceptualized cards.

Its Minor Arcana, Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles follow the standard design, with 10 number cards, and 4 Court cards: King and Queen, Knight and Page. The suits concentrate on the work of a particular artist whose style and contents reflect the essence of that suit. It is Manet’s “Spark of Genius” that ignites the fire in Wands; “The Flowering Gardens” by Claude Monet are watery Cups; “The Cutting Edge” by Vincent van Gogh is the art of the suit of Swords and “The Primal Physicality” of Edgar Degas illustrates the earthy essence of Pentacles.

The majority of these artists Arturo Picca have created impressions of the Impressionists. However, the colors seem a bit more muted than the Impressionists’ originals. The brightness and sparkling elements are not present in these Impressionist reproductions. The greens appear khakiish. the blues are greyer than the bright deep blues and the yellows appear less vibrant than the bright, sunny yellows that were so prominent in the palettes of the Impressionists. The image on the back as well as the empty frame is deceivingly designed. At first glance, it appears to be a reversed image, however, a close examination of the particulars will reveal that it’s actually an image that is only one way. The images are enclosed in extravagant golden frames that can offset, or even highlight the colors, in a way, for better or more.

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