How to Store Tarot Cards

How to Store Tarot Cards

There are several ways to store your Tarot cards. In this article, we’ll go over the best ways to store them. Wrapping them in cloth is one option, and storing them in a box will keep them safe and dry. We’ll also discuss the best environment for them, which will help them maintain their quality over time. Here are some tips to keep your cards in perfect condition. You’ll be glad you followed these tips.

Wrapping tarot cards in cloth

You can choose the right material for wrapping your Tarot cards. Some people use a Tarot cloth with fringing. However, these are heavy and not the best option for wrapping your cards. If you prefer a more luxurious material, you can opt for a velvet cloth. It has a velvet feel and is thick and durable. Regardless of the material you choose, it is important to choose the right one to keep your cards safe.

A cloth is a good choice for tarot cards for several reasons. It is easy to unfold and clean, and it holds the spiritual and practical properties of the cards. Another advantage of cloth is that it is easy to keep your reading area clean. Silk, for example, can be a pain to clean and many people have shied away from using it for their tarot cards. However, you can find an ideal material for your cards in a wide variety of stores.

Keeping them in a box

There are many reasons for keeping your Tarot cards in a box, and one of them is to protect them from damage. The best way to protect your cards is to charge them before you use them, so that their energies are free. Most Tarot decks come in cardboard boxes, but these are not very durable, and they can easily be worn out. In addition, the cardboard boxes themselves can wear out quickly when used often.

A storage box will not only protect the cards from harm, but also make them look beautiful. You may want to find a box to store your cards in, and then place it in a special spot in your home. This place can boost your psychic energy and help you to have a better reading. You can also place crystals or cloths inside the box to enliven it. Another option for a box is an ornamental old jewelry box. You can often find them at a yard sale, or even use one you already have at home.

Keeping them in a dry environment

Keeping tarot cards in drier conditions is a good way to maintain their power and authenticity. In addition to dryness, it is important to protect them from harmful energy and humidity. While storing tarot cards, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight or moisture. If you cannot use sunlight, you can cover them with plastic bags and place them in an air-tight container. Sprinkle the cards completely with salt, then wrap them in the bag. The salt will draw out the negative energy from the cards and moisture from the air.

Another important tip for storing tarot cards is to keep them flat. Cardstock will warp when pressed against one another, so keep them flat and away from heavy books. Dirt and oil can also cause clumped cards, so be sure to spread them out on a table to reduce this problem. This way, you’ll be sure that every card is surrounded by a clean surface.

Keeping them in a cool environment

Keeping tarot cards in tuck cases is a good idea. Tarot cards can warp when quickly moved, and the fibers of the cardstock can absorb moisture and release it abruptly. This can result in disorientation, fatigue, and muscle cramps. Additionally, too much humidity can lead to respiratory problems. Humidifiers may be helpful if you’re prone to these conditions. It is also important to avoid extreme temperature changes.

The perfect climate for your tarot cards will be between 50 and 75 percent relative humidity. This will prevent moisture from making your cards become warped or clumped. It will also keep your cards clean and crisp. In humid climates, the humidity levels are too high and your cards can deteriorate more quickly. However, if you live in a relatively dry climate, your tarot cards can be kept for many months or even years.

Keeping them in their original packaging

Keeping tarot cards in their box is a great way to protect them from domestic damages and instill a sense of reverence. Though cards are not gods or persons to worship, they should be treated with respect. There’s no point in wrapping them up in a sock or other old fabric! Rather, you should keep them in a cool, dry, and uncluttered place.

Many people choose to keep their decks in the original packaging. The box itself is often not thick enough to protect the cards, and it won’t hold up if you drop them, shake them in your purse, or open them a hundred times. The original box will eventually become worn out and need to be replaced. If you use your decks often, you’ll probably want to invest in a new box or tarot card bag.

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