Housewives Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The Housewives Tarot is a gaudy “residential prophecy deck” packaged in a simulated dish box. The art work is extensively fifties in vogue, perspective, home furnishings, as well as style. It’s a light-hearted present established for the full Tarot newbie, or an uniqueness deck for the much more seasoned visitor or collection agency.

The Housewives Tarot can be found in as a simulated dish box, with 78 cards. It’s a residential prophecy deck, a light hearted present established for the Tarot novice or an uniqueness deck for the knowledgeable. The artwork is from the fifties design, and also makes it a needs to for the collection agency.

According to the brochure, the Housewives Tarot was presented by Marlene Louise Wetherbee in the very early 1950s. She was a satisfied little homeowner that had a committed other half, loyal kids as well as a clean house. She was constantly in vogue, made the very best dishes, as well as had a price of females instinct. (I presume she additionally had a hair of genuine pearls.) Eventually while playing bridge with a few of the area girls, Marlene chose it was the correct time to disclose the tricks of her success. She got rid of a strange Tarot deck from her stylish wallet. Oh my each was horrified that Marlene would certainly attempt bring such a thing to a bridge celebration. However she understood that this sort of resistance was to be anticipated.

Marlene allegedly came to be referred to as the magical Madame Marlena and also word spread everywhere regarding her powers of residential prophecy. Homemakers seek her out. Her skills remained in such need that Marlene determined to enter into organization for herself. Just how did Marlene get this magical understanding? Know one will certainly ever before recognize for she took the trick to her tomb, honor her little heart. The beginnings of the Housewives Tarot will be shrouded in enigma permanently.


The cards welcome you to have a look at on your own and also your life, to encourage you and also they might give hints for you, however they can not provide you straight solution to every one of life’s issues. These are rather effective cards and also sometimes posses remarkable expertise they will certainly amaze you. They can encourage you to discover your very own responses as well as to influence you to make your very own future.

The Major Arcana cards stand for different numbers of motivation as well as affects of the homemaker on her lengthy trip via love, problems, tracks as well as adversities of her rural presence.

Housewives Tarot Review


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