Hezicos Tarot Review (All 78 Hezicos Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The Hezicos Tarot is a unique deck that is based on fairytales and was created by hand using soft but precise watercolors. The artist is following the tradition of Rider-Waite to make it simple to use for those who are new. This gorgeous, borderless stunning deck is now fully completed and available in a premium self-published edition that includes the book’s 56-page bound edition.

The box the booklet and cards are housed in is made to look like a box that is wrapped in twine. It features a faerie-like design in the form of a postage stamp the faerie is a winged bird holding the yellow flower across the twine at the top left corner, and a second Faerie emerges from the wrapping on the lower right corner, holding an open book in his left hand. At the point where the twine joins, there is a label that has the title for the card deck. The box is extremely sturdy and has a lift off the top. It is a masterpiece of quality!

Griffin has experience with art, as well as Tarot as well as being a Psychic Clairvoyant. She specializes in readings one-on-one as well as readings with small groups of spiritualists. She is a specialist in the art of painting animals and fairies and has also painted furniture as well as “Trompe l’oeil” work. In the introduction of the LWB (Little White Book) she explains that she invented”Hezicos” as the “Hezicos Tarot” so that she could have a deck she could connect to herself by focusing on Faeries.


The artwork is discussed in the context of the artwork, which includes the image being spotted by her while walking the dogs, and then the rush to draw it using A4 pencils to create sketches in pencil. The sketch is then transferred to trace paper and after that onto watercolor paper. The drawing is then painted with Artist Quality watercolor paints. Once the painting is completed the black ink is then applied to the areas which are designed to be highlighted. The final image is then stored on a disk.

There’s a section on using the Tarot with instructions on cleaning and storage decks, shuffling them using reversed cards, and using the significator. Spreads are available in three varieties: a Three Card Spread, a 21-card Romany Spread, and a traditional Celtic Cross Spread.

Each card is accompanied by tiny color images and a brief description of the meaning and energy contained in the card, and upright or reversed significances. The book says:

” 0 The Fool

A young man puts his foot at the edge of a cliff. one mistake and he’ll slide. He shows no fear. His dog is in front of him, begging him to get away The other is guarded.

Card Significance Card Meaning: The Fool card signifies the beginning of a new chapter. Chances will present themselves now and you should trust your intuition that you’re about to embark on something fresh. Be attentive, take your time and look around and don’t rush into something you may regret later.

In reverse: be conscious of the lack of movement, a feeling of wanting to quit and being reckless in certain situations, and detachment and apathy. Insisting on a relationship or business venture without taking time to think first.”


The Hezicos Tarot by Mary Jennifer Griffin (2010-01-10): Books - Amazon



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