Healing Light Tarot Review (All 78 Healing Light Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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Even the most brilliant light comes from its own shadow. This deck offers a place to experience visions, realizations, and most importantly healing. The primary theme is the mandorla. It is an oval-shaped portal that is created when two circles meet. As a symbol of the feminine divinity mandorla, it is an opening for healing. When it is opened, there is healing and completeness.

It is the Healing Light Tarot has 78 cards that are based on the idea of the border between the magic realm and physicality, and also the mandorla shape formed by two overlapping ovals. The cards are dramatic with images that are set in the dawn or dusk and full of vibrant colors.

The veil between worlds is in essence a line between the world of magic and our physical space. The veil can be described as an “edge or a hedge, which is why we use the term “edge-witch” or “hedge witch” (also known as a Linestrider) is a magical specialist who is skilled in the transition between the ordinary world and that of magic. Edges are found wherever elements intersect, such as ocean and land and along the lines of energy/Dragon in vortices and at certain dates in the calendar when the sun appears the closest or farthest (solstices as well as cross-quarter day days). Pagans recognize and regularly make use of this information to gain the power of the universe and to communicate with spirits (including those who are dead) who are on another side. The veil can also be accessed during the liminal hours of the day – such as dusk and dawn when it is neither night nor day.


The Healing Light Tarot is founded on this idea and focuses on dusk as well as dawn as times that allow the Seeker to focus on visions and heal. The illustrations of the deck are designed to be viewed at these times in the morning. The most common symbol in the deck, which appears on almost every card is the mandorla. Mandorlas are formed by the place between two circles and are thought of as a bridge between two worlds.

This is a traditional 78-card deck of tarot that is fully illustrated, featuring the 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Major Arcana: The Major Arcana uses the titles and order established by Waite. Its Minor Arcana is divided into four suits with 14 cards each: Swords, Pentacles, Cups, and Wands. Each suite is comprised of 10 number cards, as well as four Court cards. These are Page, Knight, Queen, and King. These cards of the Major Arcana feature a Roman numeral on the top and an inscription at the lower part of the card. the Court cards are adorned with titles on the bottom of the card while the Minor Arcana has a number located on the high point of the image.

The cards measure 70 x120 mm which makes them quite a standard-sized Tarot deck, maybe slightly wider than the typical size that Lo Scarabeo generally produces. Card stock quality is superb It is lightweight yet sturdy and flexible, without being fragile. The surface of the cards is softly textured and glossy, making them extremely simple to handle and shuffle. These cards aren’t susceptible to clumping together or sticking but instead slide and slide easily.

The quality of print is top-notch with each image having sharp edges and clear, clean images. The colors are subtle and diverse, with no color bleeds. Illustrations are digital compositions that include overlays of images and images that are collaged with symbols. The illustrations have a photographic look to a lot of these pieces.

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