Hardy Tarot Review (All 78 Hardy Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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It is the Hardy Tarot deck is a delicate yet powerful deck that features stunning, individually illustrated cards. Apart from being an excellent tool for your professional or private divination routine, it’s an ideal deck for contemplation as well as meditation and makes the perfect present.

The Hardy Tarot is completely hand drawn. The deck offers a unique and vivid interpretation of traditional tarot imagery in vibrant colors and earthy. Within the images on each card is a small story is told using the use of natural symbols and color which makes this a great deck to read easily. The gorgeously drawn illustrations are influenced by art-deco imagery and early 20th century folk art. They were all meticulously drawn with colored pencil as well as ink and marker over two years. The majority of the cards from this deck include creative (not explicitly sexually explicit) nakedness.


The standard size full-bleed version of my hand drawn Tarot deck is a showcase of the artwork, with significantly larger images as compared to the initial (white bordered) version, and beautiful hand drawn borders for the feet and head. The final cards are printed on durable smooth finish card stock that has un-dyed edges. (un-dyed) edges. They are presented in beautiful high gloss tuck boxes with the same style as the stunning emerald-green card backs. Each deck is with a signature by an artist, and is tucked into the back box’s flap. box. The deck is open-edition and is the most sought-after model of the deck.

The Hardy Tarot is a traditional full 78-card tarot deck. It is made up consisting of Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards which are divided into four suits.
The Major Arcana cards are arranged in the following order:
The Fool, I- The Priestess, II- The Empress, III- The Fool. The Fool. The Magician IIThe Priestess, III The Priestess. The III is The Empress IVThe Emperor, IV The Emperor The Emperor, V- The Priest (referred to in different decks by The Heirophant, also known as Pope) VII- The Lovers VII- The Chariot VIII- Justice (this card is numbered the XI card in many decks, but it is VII in mine since it appears in the Thoth Tarot) The Hermit, XI The Hermit X– Fortune, The XI, The Strength (number VIII in other decks) The the XII The Hanged Man The Hanged Man, XIII Death and XIV- Temperance, XV The Devil, XVI The Tower, XVII The Star, XVIII The Moon. XIX The Sun and XX Judgement, XXI The World

The suit suits in the Minor Arcana are: Wands Cups, Swords, Cups and discs. Each suit is comprised of an Ace (which is the symbol for the essence or theme that the suit is based on) 2, numbers 2 to 10, and court cards (page prince, queen as well as knight.) The deck is different from the traditional decks because the kings have been replaced by princes, and the order (or order or hierarchy) differs slightly. This was intentional as I wanted to make a system feel less patriarchal, with a sense of gender equality and balance. The princes of this deck have the characteristics that they have in common with their counterparts (king) of other decks but are more gentle. This is the exact reason that I decided to portray my pages in female characters.

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