Gothic Tarot Review (All 78 Gothic Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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Joseph Vargo’s highly acclaimed and most popular Tarot deck features a variety of vampires, gargoyles ghosts and dark angels, which provide this ancient oracle with a unique Gothic look. The entire Major, as well as Minor Arcana, are included in this set of 78 cards each one featuring an original and distinctive illustration that depicts Vargo’s gothic version of the classic Tarot. The cards are printed in full color and have stunning detail on high-quality glossy card stock. The book includes explanations of the terms and a straightforward illustrated guide to Tarot spreads and instructions on readings. For more in-depth information on readings and spreads, purchase The Gothic Tarot Compendium.

The Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo is a stylish and sleek deck of 78 cards that conveys dark, gothic-themed moods. It features images of gargoyles, vampires ghosts, angels, and ghosts. The cards do not have copies of the symbols for copyright.


Imagine a world suffused with darkness, mist, and darkness, with light shining through. Sensual, passionate, and elegant characters flit between the mists and the darkness of the world, and their hearts are full of darkness and filled with illumination. Vampires, werewolves and witches gargoyles and angels ghosts, and werewolves are among the characters that appear on cards. Each conveys the meaning of the cards in a unique manner. This deck is called the Gothic Tarot is an awesome gothic deck beautifully drawn by the gifted Joseph Vargo.

The Gothic Tarot is published independently by Vargo himself. There’s no reason to be concerned that the publication has been done professionally and the box is attractive and the small white book is nicely designed. The deck is decent for an independent publication. however, the cards are thin, however; they also are smoky, which goes away after a few weeks and the scratches are a bit noticeable due to their black backgrounds. The small white book is fairly average for an LWB. The deck, in my opinion, is just so awesome that it would have been great to have a small book that contained Vargo speaking about his deck and his artwork and cards like the tiny book that is included along with The Golden Tarot (Kat Black).

For everyone’s benefit, Vargo began working on majors and was looking to create unillustrated pip pips of the minor arcana, he learned about the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot and its fully illustrated pip. This was what gave him the idea of fully illustrating the minor arcana.

The reverse of this card same as that of the Empress and High Priest. The card shows the Lovers and their love in a room inside vault. The arch is surrounded by an erect pillar on both sides and on either end of the arch are guardians (representing a ceremony of initiation) Skeletons with wings. A woman in white is hugged with affection and love in the back by a vampire who is dressed in black. He then is kissed on the neck, prior to kissing her and creating a bond with him together for forever.

The Gothic Tarot Compendium: Joseph Iorillo, Joseph Vargo, Joseph Vargo: 9780978885724: Books - Amazon



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