Gaian Tarot Review (All 78 Gaian Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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Gaia (Mother Gaia (Mother Nature) is the primordial Greek goddess believed by ancient people to have created the sea, sky mountains, the sky, and all of creation. The beautiful 78-card modern as well as mythical Tarot set, with an accompanying spiritual guide, focuses on the healing of the earth as well as the self. These Major Arcana cards are 22 archetypes and soul lessons that were born from the mystical and religious perspective that was prevalent in Renaissance Europe. The Minors represent aspects like numbers, elements, and even people. Interpretations may include uprights, reverse divinatory meanings themes such as exercise symbols, journal questions affirmations, and 10 spreads. Sometimes, the cards depict what we live in, while other times they reveal the realms of the spirit and at times they are borders between the two. Gaian spirituality acknowledges that human beings and animals, plants stones, stars, and even stones are all interconnected. If one thread pulls, the whole web of life is affected. It is especially suited for people who practice a spirituality centered on earth.

It is the Gaian Tarot is a deck that honors the earth. It was designed for those who revere Gaia as the earth as a living thing and practice earth-centered spirituality. The deck was initially available as a majors-only set, while minors were being completed The complete collector’s edition of this stunning deck is available through the artist. The deck is also published by Llewellyn in an edition for the mass market.


This is a classic deck of 78 cards, which uses the standard names of the Major Arcana, with the following variations the Fool is now the Seeker The High Priestess transforms into the Priestess, and the Empress transforms into the Gardner the Emperor is The Builder. In addition, the Hierophant transforms into the Teacher, the Chariot transforms into the Canoe The Wheel of Fortune becomes the Wheel The Hanged Man is now the Tree The Devil is transformed into Bindweed and the Tower transforms into the Light, Judgment is transformed into Awakening and then the World transforms into Gaia and the World.

It was a truly amazing experience. Majors Only Special Edition was amazing – and could only be accomplished under the guidance of the “village” … one of a special group of close friends. Between the deck Joanna was transferred from her favorite Island to the mainland … however, her presentation for the Limited Edition 78 Card Gaian Tarot was also blessed by a “village of friends”. Thank you to all the gentlemen and ladies who were who helped get both decks to this world, in a holy manner, thank you, and may God bless you!

Amazon - Gaian Tarot: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves: Colbert, Joanna Powell: 9780764350627: Books


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