Epic Tarot Review (All 78 Tarot Cards Revealed)

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The Epic Tarot is an abundant, innovative deck of high dream images showed in an advanced visuals unique design, It’s a reasonably non-traditional deck of 78 cards with a sword-and-sorcery style and also an effective feeling.

Dream tarot card decks are component the oracular card globe, from themed decks such as Lord of the Rings, dragons, faeries, fairies, witches as well as wizards, hobbits, demons, mermaids, in addition to decks including the art work of kept in mind dream musicians such as Paolo Barbieri, Anne Stokes, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Nekro, Luis Royo to name a few.

The Epic Tarot is certainly component of this high dream continuum, actually it is such a well developed deck that it is reasonable to claim that it is a substantial entrance right into the category. The Epic Tarot is located on the planet of sword as well as sorcery– an area of mythic animals, magic cities, haunted landscapes, ghosts, genies, gods, wizards as well as phantoms, heroes and also heroines, enchantresses and also seductresses, the weak and also the solid.


The Epic Tarot is a 78 card completely highlighted deck, with a 22 card Major Arcana as well as 56 cards Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana is split right into areas standing for the Material, Intellectual, and also Spiritual worlds. Each Major Arcana card is provided an option and also accordingly sensational classification (not published on the card) such as the Lady of Visions for The Hanged Man, The Sacred Beggar for The Hermit, The Saint without Guilt for The Hierophant, The Eternal Soldier for The Chariot.The Fool rests outside these classifications and also stands for the Seeker as they relocate via the legendary journey of their life.

The Minor Arcana has 4 matches (Chalices, Pentacles/Spheres, Wands/Books, Swords) including 10 number cards and also 4 Court cards. The Minor Arcana also have alternate titles which explain the significance of the card e.g. The Secret Sword is the 7 Swords, The Chalice Shared is the 2 Cups, The Sphere Achieved is the 9 Pentacles, The Book Opened is the Ace of Wands.

The Court Cards have mythic animals replacing human aristocracy– Pages have actually come to be Unicorns, a Knight is currently a Griffin, Queens are Phoenixes, as well as Kings are (naturally) Dragons. These are not adorable as well as captivating beings however instead solid, strict, and also fairly restricting. The cards have no titles, the Major Arcana has just Roman characters, and also the Minor Arcana has a number and also sign to show their placement as well as fit.

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