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The Death card is one of the most misunderstood in the Tarot. It does not symbolize physical death; rather, it is a card about self-transformation. It signifies letting go of ways of being and things that no longer serve us and being willing to embrace a new identity.

Death MeaningDeath Meaning

This is a card that indicates a tremendous transition, a profound change, and to be honest, I’ve grown to enjoy this card; it’s one of my favorites to receive, so let’s get started. Death upright represents the moment when you let go of an old mask and unlike old identity old behaviors, allow your new identity to emerge or transformation to begin.

This can be the clearing away of old habits to allow new healthy more authentic behaviors to emerge, the elimination of people or things from your life, especially long-established ones, the end of a close relationship or association, or these morphing into a new identity. The sleeping girl represents the subconscious, which is unsure of what may be woken. According to the Pope, this is a profound spiritual journey.

The area you’re on now isn’t the same as where you’ll be walking to the river, and the shipwreck indicates a long voyage. There’s a sunrise and a new city in the distance through the Gateway of Transformation, but you can’t quite make out what it is. The white horse indicates movement strong forward momentum white for purity of purpose The skeleton represents you stripped to the bone but perhaps unrecognizable to yourself and others you will need your armor as you proceed the flag represents you declaring your need and commitment for change.

The white rose on the flag represents purity and the Rose represents passion so yes there is a lot going on in this card all right best course of action with Death upright is to move forward to the change it is deep and it is happening don’t wait don’t be as brave as a knight Put on your armor and leave behind the bad habits of the past, as well as the restricting behaviors that no longer serve you. Be bold, knowing that you have the strength to move forward to your new truthful.

Death Reversed

Death Reversed

Death reversed Which could indicate a state of stagnation or sluggishness.

Being stuck being unable or unable to let go of the past or an old way of doing things, particularly if it is unhealthy or holding you back being stuck in old habits patterns. Being in a position or a relationship that is no longer serving you in its current form. Inertia dullness covers a profound fear of change or truth being bone-weary an understanding that you need to change, but not knowing how to, and this may also just symbolize mourning over a loss and being in that emotional state.

The best course of action with Death is reversed. First and foremost, if you have grief work to do, now is the time to do it. You must look at what has been lost and acknowledge that before it is time to move on. It is an important step in finalizing what has happened and seeing and feeling it. Change is coming, but you may need to wait.

Consider what you usually do and then don’t do it. Then observe what happens. Wait, look at what no longer works in your life and edit in your mind, and again, take the time to lament what has been lost or what isn’t working, because once you let go of that, you can turn your horse around and move ahead to the sunrise.

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