Black Cats Tarot Review (All 78 Black Cats Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The Rider-Waite-based Tarot celebrates and honours the beautiful and mysterious black cats. cleverly incorporating feline traits and mythology into the traditional tarot archetypes. imaginative deck captures these animals who move between real and imaginary The mundane and the mysterious. Awe-inspiringly cute, yet incredibly wise The black cats inspire the reader to investigate their individual animal character. It’s the Black Cats Tarot is another feline-themed deck, this time focused on the enchanting black cat. The 78 cards combine real and fantasy in its depiction of black cats that look like humans.

It’s very easy to fall in love by this deck Black Cats Tarot (published by Llewellyn). There is something incredibly magical about black cats in general so a deck dedicated to them is a perfect fit. There are some decks that are that are that are dedicated specifically to felines (Tarot of Pagan Cats, Medieval Cats Tarot, Tarot of White Cats and Cat’s Eye Tarot are some that immediately come to mind) however, the deck with black cats instantly ties in with the people who lead an existence of magical things.

This was actually the Lovers card from this deck that me to be amazed. It’s simply stunning. It features two cats, male and female walking on grassy steps which lead to a doorway that is above the clouds. Their feet in that distinctive cross-step movement of the dance of the tango. They appear elegant extremely sleek and attractive and very slinky. The male is seated back towards us, his shoulders are wide and arranged in the same manner as a typical dance, with the left just a bit higher than his other as he gently tugs at the right female’s paw. The right hand of his partner is wrapped through the waistline of his cat lover as she swoops close to him with his body… It is easy to be sure the dark dark eyes that look at the eyes of the beautiful green eyes of the gorgeous female. She stares up at him taking in the gaze of him, unable to keep her eyes from his. She is shy and a bit overwhelmed, but she lowers her eyes, and allows her long thick, long lashes to spread across her cheeks. The curl of her tail is curled up to show her complete satisfaction, as she inhale into his strong, masculine scent. The image takes you back to a bygone era that was filled with innocent love emanating through huge silver screens, returning to scenes from Tracy as well as Hepburn, Olivier and Leigh and, perhaps most famously the memorable Bogart as well as Bergman of Casablanca. With a lazy, swaying movement of the tail the male cat takes the female off her feet, and then carries her up the steps in a straight line and in tune with the famous tune “You must not forget the following … the kiss is only the same as a kiss … an Sigh is just a sigh.” …” While other decks could show perfect love in Two of Cups, the Lovers card in this deck represents unending love it is a slow, sensual rise of passion, eternal sincerity, and genuine love.


Martin Luther King, Jr. stated, “Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.” The most apt words could be applied to the equally amazing (well every card are actually) #18 card, which is the Moon. Its dark, mysterious and mysterious scene it is reminiscent of the beautiful Jessica Lange in a drugged state, with her wrists attached to bamboo poles waiting to be sacrificed to the great King Kong. The cat, naturally isn’t connected to poles. It is the High Priestess, in one-on-one ritual, and is practicing the ancient ritual of bringing the moon down. Soon, she’ll be deep into meditation, possibly be able to connect with the Goddess and feel Her energy flow and expand within her, with the water flowing behind her. The moon, doodled in the image of a cat is seen peeking out behind the mountains and appears somewhat stern, as if she’s angry at having to take her sun’s light. It is the symbol that represents amazing magick, stunning insanity and emotional illusions. The person who is dealt this card needs to improve their psychic and intuition in order to accept the ability to see.

Another card that shows water, and is one of my most favorite cards is Six of Swords. In contrast to the typical Six of Swords in other decks, where there are typically three figures in the deck (the ferryman, two people) What we see here is only one cat. He fights to get his small boat off the water with his swords deliberately kept behind, and his back symbolically turned from anything that is in front of him. The boat and the man are looking towards an island on the opposite side of the water and it is a feeling the birds fly toward the boat to help lead him to the right place and greet him at his new home. The person who receives this card is likely to be told that the challenges they’re currently going through are their longest period of period of time. They are heading towards an easier time in their lives , and the events are going to be more exciting. They will find new hope and fresh inspirations.

I find that this deck is extremely, very difficult to criticize. Perhaps it’s because of my love for black cats as well as the Tarot or even my magical life. The artwork is stunning. The colors are appropriate dark or bright, whichever it requires in any card. You can take in the exhilarating force that is the dream of Emperor Black Cats; or the increasing excitement that is the Ace of Wands; or the pure joy that comes from the black kittens on the Sun card. It is clear that the intention of the artist was to introduce us into the magical everyday, sly, and fascinating realm of black cats. This deck is essential not just for collectors as well as those who are fans of black cats , and for those who enjoy the Tarot.

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