Are tarot cards dangerous to use?

Are tarot cards dangerous to use

In 2000, when I started Holisticshop, co, UK, I went to a web design agency and met the director in a meeting room. He was very interested in taking me on as a customer.. First of all, I would like to point out that tarot cards are made in a factory using colored inks and glossy cards. They come out of the factory, get boxed and then arrive with retailers who sell them to the public.

At no point do the cards go through a process where people curse them or bless them with love as well.. Tarot cards themselves are a product. A good deck contains cards that easily remind us of the energy or essence of that card, in a way that we can quickly see.. One of the downsides to paying for a tarot reading is that you may not want to tell the reader too much when reading your cards because you may feel that you want proof that they are a good reader..

The problem with essentially stepping back and not saying much is that then the reader really just broadcasts. They can do this exceptionally well and hopefully they will, but if the reader is angry, depressed, or has blind spots, it is possible that this could affect the translation. As you can see when a reader takes a thread and presents it to you as a statement, there is all that power in that statement.. It does crystallize, but the truth may be much less firm or certain..

Steps you could take to limit the likelihood of a poor reading. Fortune tellers of all stripes are seeing a resurgence in recent years. Psychics, media and tarot cards are no longer seen as marginal outliers, but as mainstream entertainers. And although visiting a psychic may seem harmless and entertaining, it can lead you down some supernatural paths that are dangerous to your soul.

In addition to reading cards every day, she continued to go to a therapist once a week and take medication for depression and anxiety. Now that she’s getting better, she still draws tickets about once a week. So why is that so? Why all this fear of tarot?. In a sense, the danger is to do the equivalent of what Jung called shadow work through the mechanism of the tarot..

Tarot cards are really a card game with which various games are played and can be found in Europe in the 15th. date back to the 20th. Every year I get tons of emails from people who are attracted to the tarot but are afraid of it at the same time.. Tarot cards are being used in a number of new ways, and more and more people are quitting their jobs to become readers.. I have 5 decks and occasionally draw the same card from each pile and compare the variations in meaning..

Any danger when using the Tarot does not come from the cards, but comes from what they allow the user to see what already exists in the user’s mind, which is not convenient. One of the most popular tarot decks was designed by Aleister Crowley and is known as the Thoth deck and draws on Egyptian symbolism. Their vibrations are very different and the cards have different ways of “expressing” their meaning.. Apart from that, they are not dangerous, except in the sense that they can reveal things to you that your subconscious would rather remain hidden..

New age conferences and even local town festivals often have a tarot card reader that gives you insight into your love life, finances, family issues, potential spouse, or other questions you may need to ask for a small fee. Often the purpose of tarot is misunderstood and it is lumped together with things like Ouiji boards, seances, and the like. If you come to a tarot reading tired, dejected, or anxious, it can affect the cards you choose and how you interpret them. A lot of Tarot readers make a point of clearing their deck before a reading, but I think it’s more important to clean up before.

And something creepy happens every now and then (repeatedly pulling a certain card, meaningful, larger patterns develop while reading, a person is consistently represented by a card, etc.). When you engage in things like mediumship, channeling, tarot, mental development, and meditation in the psychic arts, you actually enter another world.. While it is generally believed that they originate from playing cards in ancient Egypt, most tarot cards today date back to the 18th. dates back to the 19th century and were used for occult purposes.

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