Ace of Wands

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The Ace of Wands is a card of blooming creativity. It indicates the beginning of new projects, as well as new alliances. As you can see, the wand is sprouting the ability to take those fresh ideas and turn them into something quite powerful.

Ace of Wands MeaningAce of Wands Meaning

Because the Aces indicate the beginning of a new concept and the Wands symbolize passion projects and communicate ideas. This card represents the start of a new idea more than anything else.

A new undertaking It’s also known as the thumbs up card or the yes card since it depicts a thumbs up signifying an idea emerging from the clouds and coming to you as inspiration. It can also represent sexuality and desire, but there’s also a lot of eagerness, strength, and passion with this card.

Ace of Wands ReversedAce of Wands Reversed

In its reversal, it can be planting a seed. It can also mean that the energies aren’t right, that you’re getting in your own way, or that the ground isn’t ready for the seed to be planted.

Upright start begins do the project stop the idea move forward and in the reverse best course of action wait maybe plant the seed, but you’re going to have to wait for.

Look at where you’re putting your energy and it might just be now isn’t the time to start and recognize that you might need others to help you this might not be something you’re able to do below so that is the Ace of Wands.

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