9 of Swords

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If you see The Nine of Swords in a reading, it could mean that you’re going through a period of loss or disappointment in your life. It could also mean that you’re feeling anguished about a decision that needs to be made. This card tells you that you need to take time to heal and time to reflect before you can make that decision in a way that helps you feel more settled.

9 of Swords Meaning 9 of Swords Meaning

The Nine of Swords denotes intense uneasiness and excessive worry. Take a look at this card. It’s just someone reiterating the same information over and over waking awake in the middle of the night and wondering and evaluating and obsessive concern.

You’re just berating yourself for remembering a bad event. This can be you putting yourself down or beating yourself up over and over again with no relief. This can indicate a sense of shame, profound anxiety and be unable to see your way out of a situation, a feeling of hopelessness, and an inability to see what you do have.

Note that you’re actually lying in a bed of roses with the Nine of Swords, the best line of action, is to address your anxieties, acknowledge them, and even make a list of them. Look at the truth against the buried uneasiness. Simply admit your anxieties before you can change negative behavior or actions. You must first address the source of the problem.

Consider the possibility that you’re obsessing about one item in order to avoid something, bigger or more frightening, Accept your concerns, rather than avoiding them. Consider that there may be anything in your life that you need to take practical action on and determine what you’re going to do. Have a good weep if you’ve been wounded and need to cry it out before you can move on and make a strategy.

9 of Swords Reversed9 of Swords Reversed

The Nine of Swords reversed in its reversal is normally a release of worries dissolving these negative thoughts dropping out of your head, letting go liberating yourself of this tendency of being so hard on oneself, easing acceptance and forgiving of wrongs or mistakes.

The best course of action with the nine of swords is to let go of your fears, exhale and try to free yourself of this negative self-talk. It might just be an act of calling for you to forgive yourself or another time to get over the hurt.

Stop obsessing choose to look at the good in your life, get to work on a problem, or address chronic anxiety with a positive plan of action.

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