8 of Wands

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The Eight of Wands signify swift progress toward your goals. As you can see on the card, the sky is fully clear, and nothing stands in the way of your aims. All of these wands will fly right to the target, take root in the earth, and begin to flourish.

8 of Wands Meaning8 of Wands Meaning

The Eight of Wands signifies rapid communication and the completion or end of various projects. It indicates you passionately and directly expressing your thoughts; it can also signify proposals made and approved, as well as quick thinking and communication.

It can also indicate that you have great clarity regarding a complex issue with many elements of play. This card represents movement swiftness and a strong desire to do something to take action. Some people believe this card represents falling in love; however, this has not been my experience, but it may be appropriate for your reading.

Trust your intuition while dealing with a complex subject and do not be afraid to express yourself in general. Be honest, straightforward, and forthright, and get things done and in there. Make a mess with your hands Make a point and stick to it.

8 of Wands Reversed 8 of Wands Reversed

This card reversal represents a lack of closure, a sense of unease about things not happening or not coming through, or it could simply mean that a bunch of ideas, projects, or desires are being launched and just getting started on some.

You might be feeling up in the air or perhaps jealous of someone or you might be stalling. This can also represent an argument and perhaps some jealousy either personally or at work. The Eight of Wands reversed best represents a lack of closure, a sense of unease about things not happening or I usually just throw your ideas out there and see what they come up with, and then I begin a project to get things rolling, so that’s the Eight of Wands.


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