8 of Swords

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When you receive the aid of swords in a reading, you may feel trapped, as if your vision is blocked or your hands are tied, as you can see with this blindfolded character. It’s important to examine the situation more closely because these trapped feelings may be caused by your own insecurities, fear, and doubt, and unless those concerns are addressed internally, you’ll continue to be blocked.

8 of Swords Meaning8 of Swords Meaning

This card can represent isolation, being trapped by feelings of helplessness, particularly if this is a learned behavior from the past, and being unable to escape feeling tangled up and tied up in knots.

Paranoid extremely worried about the past or future feeling stuck unsure of where to go even feeling trapped. This can represent too many ideas with no clear direction. You just feel stymied twisted and tangled up worrying over, analyzing, or even over-analyzing a difficult issue.

The best course of action is to enlist the assistance of sorts upright. Sometimes you just have to be stuck because you lack the clarity or information necessary to see things clearly. You might not have much choice but to wait. Hold on. You’re simply unable to perceive the situation correctly. Your judgment may be faulty or untrustworthy at this time. It’s best to seek professional help.

It may be in your best interests not to act at this time because you may not be able to comprehend the entire picture and perceive all of the factors at work in a given situation.

8 of Swords Reversed8 of Swords Meaning

Thus The Eight of Swords upright with The Eight of Swords reversed. Breaking escape from an oppressive circumstance is symbolized by this. Removing the blindfold and seeing things for what they are, letting go of fear, and grasping logic and clarity.

It could signify getting out of a tense or uncomfortable circumstance. Simply getting off your own back, can mean disentangling yourself from a problematic business or personal situation. With the help of Swords River is the best plan of action.

It may be time to leave or walk away from this scenario. It may not be a good place for you to be, and you may be saying to yourself, “Look with clarity at what you’re experiencing, and don’t beat yourself up again.” There’s an implication in here that you should seek aid from a trustworthy friend or a therapist, therefore that’s the number eight.

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