8 of Cups

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The Eight of Cups is a card about moving on from a difficult situation in a difficult time. As you can see in the card, this figure has crossed the water and is not looking back. Moving on in this way can lead us to feel emotionally isolated, but it’s important to remember that it’s the right thing to do even if it means leaving a piece of ourselves behind.

8 of Cups Meaning8 of Cups Meaning

This card indicates someone leaving an environment, that no longer meets their emotional needs. This is leaving and moving on. It can represent feeling emotionally or physically depleted, moving away from previously held values or beliefs, a need for something more or different but not knowing what it is you seek, moving away from a relationship even if it still has an emotional hold on you, dissatisfaction withdrawing, and it can also indicate simply feeling hungover and depleted by overindulging or over-giving.

The greatest course of action today might be to quit or leave a no longer satisfying circumstance. You walk away from unhealthy depleting activities withdraw cease offering advice or assistance when it isn’t going to be welcomed anyway and begin the journey towards spiritual fulfillment.

You can choose to renew yourself by leaving behind things that aren’t fulfilling or replenishing them.

8 of Cups Reversed8 of Cups Reversed

This depicts someone who refuses to leave a situation because there is still something there that you can benefit from. It could be a resistance to acknowledging that something has ended, or it could signify taking drugs or alcohol to fill an emotional hole.

It might be someone choosing to help others heal, or it could simply suggest that you’re moving forward despite not knowing where you’re going. The best course of action is to undo the eight cuts.

Explore what is no longer satisfying to you in your life and what is giving you something emotionally especially hang on a little longer right now might not be the time to leave a situation or relationship you are engaged in as a helper to someone who is healing or recovering from being emotionally or physically overextended.

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