7 of Wands

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The Seven of Wands encourage you to be brave and strong. If you receive this card in a reading, it may indicate that you’re facing opposition and that it’s critical that you stand up for what you believe in. You may feel tempted to retreat when faced with opposition, but it’s critical that you persevere.

7 of Wands Meaning7 of Wands Meaning

The upright Seven of Wands denotes someone grabbing a project or an idea, as well as excellent communication, bravery, and valor. Standing up for what you believe in, choosing your battles, and articulating your beliefs no matter the cost. With seven of wands upright, the best course of action is to stand up for what you believe in, commit to a project, and grab the day if you’re stymied by choice.

Trust yourself and make a decision to get started launch proceed stick up for yourself for another get into the game test an idea to see if it holds up overall this represents taking action speaking up declaring yourself because you’re using your power strength and communication to advance a project you believe.

7 of Wands Reversed 7 of Wands Reversed

The reversed Seven of Wands represents hesitancy uncertainty self-doubt. Not knowing how to proceed or what project to choose or commit to can suggest being overwhelmed by the possibilities available, or making a decision without giving it enough, though it can signify a lack of trust in your principles or in the soundness of your plan or project, or it can simply represent you have made the wrong decision.

With the Seven of Wands reversed, the wisest line of action is to take a step back and double-check. Continue to evaluate your alternatives. It may be preferable to retreat and either reconsider or wait for a better moment to proceed, and if you have made a decision, you may need to re-examine it, so that’s the seven of Wands.

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