7 of Swords

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The Seven of Swords is a card that warns us to make sure that we prepare very carefully, because a lack of preparation can cause our plans to fall apart. If we cut corners to save time or because we believe that what we’ve done is good enough, instead of striving for the best, the outcome will never be as good as it could have been. As you can see in the card, the character has an armful of swords and is hastening off but as he looks behind him, he notices that.

7 of Swords Meaning7 of Swords Meaning

The lyre is represented by the serpent, which depicts a manipulator who deceives people by concealing information. This is someone who avoids confrontation. Lying is deceiving, and keeping your views to yourself, even if it may harm others, is a sign of attempting to manipulate a situation.

Not being truthful, particularly about one’s goals and objectives not planning a campaign, and not implementing terrible strategies can represent keeping a secret or acting alone, particularly if someone does not have the necessary permission.

With the Seven of Swords, the wisest course of action is In order to survive a scenario, you must be stealthy at times and secretive at other times. You may find yourself in a situation where you must lie or be untruthful in order to defend yourself from further manipulation.

It’s possible that bit is the only route to accomplish a higher goal. If you tip your hand or divulge what you know, it could be misinterpreted and used against you or someone else. It could also suggest that there is no way to win in your current circumstance.

7 of Swords Reversed7 of Swords Reversed

This signifies that one’s process is becoming more open, with tactics and tools being shared. Sharing ideas and perceptions, Obtaining or providing guidance reverting to a more basic model of operation recognizing.

The causes of a recent loss or failure It could simply signify the release of a secret. The ideal course of action was to reverse The Seven of Swords and be more honest, open up, and speak the truth, rather than hiding what you have.

Share what you have, provide advice, and ask for advice. So that’s The Seven of Swords: Unburden yourself on the secret to a trustworthy counselor or friend; stop lying or hiding to others or yourself, and generally adopt a more straightforward attitude.

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