7 of Cups

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The Seven of Cups is a card of strong desire but very scattered energies. As you can see, each of these cups has a different item emerging from it, and this represents having too many balls in the air, so to speak, all of these different projects, things that you really care about, but you have them all going at the same time, so your focus is completely split, and in a case like that, it’s really impossible to give the amount of attention that’s required.

7 of Cups Meaning7 of Cups Meaning

The daydreamer is represented by The Seven of Cups; someone who fantasizes about a variety of possibilities. Having vivid dreams, hunches, or psychic impressions can represent not knowing what you want, too many options, and not enough action.

You may be in the dark about how to proceed. It can also represent a very active fantasy life, a desire to make one’s dreams come true, but uncertainty on how to begin overall this can represent vivid dreams, hunches, or psychic impressions. The best course of action with the seven of cups is to look at what your dreams are, what your fantasies are, and what you are longing for in your life.

Think all of the numerous alternatives and allow your mind to wander, allowing yourself time to consider what you genuinely want.

Take a look at a variety of possibilities. Consider fresh ideas, and if you have vivid dreams or strong hunches, pay attention to them since they may be providing you with the knowledge that will be really useful.

7 of Cups Reversed7 of Cups Reversed

Putting forth the effort to make your ideas a reality is becoming more practical and concrete.

Getting your head out of the clouds and back to earth can simply mean getting practical after a period of meditation or wistfulness, or it can also mean hiding your desires from others, or it can also mean being paralyzed by decision.

With the seven of cups reversed, the best course of action is to get to work pick a dream and do the work to make it happen to seize the day emotionally move forward wake up to what you really want to do, and start doing it this can simply mean claiming your heart’s desire and getting to work on making it come true in a very practical way so that’s the seven of cups.

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