6 of Wands

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When you receive the Six of Wands in a reading, it can help you understand that danger is an essential component of progress and that any feelings of vulnerability you may be experiencing should not dissuade you from doing the work you need to accomplish.

6 of Wands Meaning6 of Wands Meaning

The Six of Wands indicate triumph and leadership. You’re blazing a trail for yourself and others, and you’re on your way to success. You’re in the middle of a project, and it’s going well. Most likely, you have a better grasp on what’s ahead than others involved, so keep leading and be comfortable communicating to others where they need to go and what they need to do.

Delegate judiciously, but do so with confidence, because you’ve got this. Overall, this is a card of strong confidence and moving forward with strength, clarity, and enthusiasm. With the six of Wands, your best plan of action is to take command, seize the reins, and seize the power.

Make it happen by going for it. Advocate for your idea and/or others by walking the talk. Have faith in your ability and in your strategy. If you’re following someone else’s plan, be confident in their ability and where they’re headed, but generally, this is your time to shine.

6 of Wands Reversed6 of Wands Reversed

The reversed Six of Wands denotes pride plans and conceit. going wrong going down the wrong path the wrong people winning perhaps your enemies triumphing over you there might be gossip going on behind your back, especially by some ordinance it can also indicate the imposter syndrome or feeling overwhelmed by a leadership position.

It can also indicate the imposter syndrome or feeling overwhelmed by a leadership position being too optimistic or deceiving oneself in what is truly a difficult circumstance fear of betrayal or actual treachery being thrown into the spotlight before you’ve had a chance to prepare The best line of action for the six of Wands reversed reposition yourself Stop and adjust your route.

You are either not prepared or the world isn’t ready for where you’re headed. You may be betrayed or have coworkers who are unable to help you. You may need to undertake extra preparation before continuing. Be careful not to step in the feces. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your own counsel at this time.

If you have a plan, perhaps don’t share it with others or simply keep planning. Continue to prepare, but recognize that you’re either not ready yet or that your strategy has problems. This could also suggest that you’re losing.

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