6 of Swords

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When you get The Six of Swords in a spread, it means you need to move towards some sort of resolution, that you need to take action and not look back. You can see that the figures in the boat are both facing you, so it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

6 of Swords Meaning6 of Swords Meaning

The Six of Swords depict someone crossing treacherous waters and using their power to push through and forward, possibly bringing others with them.

This is a card of determination, strength, and focus you’re putting all your energy into moving forward. There is anxiety that can’t be shaken but isn’t stopping you. If you’re taking care of others don’t expect them to be able to help you. This isn’t a noisy card, this is a card of determination, strength, and focus you’re putting all your energy into moving.

Keep your sight on the finish line and don’t get bogged down. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a break and regroup, but then keep going. You can do it.

6 of Swords Reversed6 of Swords Reversed

This signifies that a voyage is becoming unexpectedly stormy or tough. It is attempting to move forward, but becoming stymied by obstacles and arguments. This could be having run-ins with people you expected to aid you but aren’t. They’re dragging you down.

It could also be losing your path. It could be being bogged down in fights or worries. What was supposed to be a lengthy, gradual journey has been interrupted by unexpected storms.

The Six of Swords reversed, the best course of action might be time to rock the boat. It might be time to just head straight into the headwinds and face this journey, just start paddling furiously bringing whatever you need into the boat with you, and going forward.

This is not easy this is not quiet this is chaotic, but keep slugging keep pushing but know that it will take a lot of strength enlist the help of others you may need to unload So that’s the six of swords, just keep with you what you need to arrive to your destination.

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