5 of Wands

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The Five of Wands present a very stressful scene if you get this card in a reading it can indicate that you’re experiencing some kind of chaos and confusion in your life and usually that has to do with other people with some type of competition going on there’s a struggle for recognition a struggle to have your ideas and your actions stand out in a crowd.

5 of Wands Meaning5 of Wands Meaning

This card represents people brainstorming people testing ideas. You and others are engaged in vigorous debate discussion and analysis of a course of action competition, conflict, verbal sparring, passion, and engagement.

This is people debating confronting and attacking the barricades actively testing a variety of ideas. This is people debating confronting and attacking the barricades actively testing a variety of ideas. This could also be a sign of a friendly-aggressive relationship. Whether it’s people pushing one other to be better or you challenging yourself to be better, it’s a win-win situation.

The greatest course of action with The Five of Wands is to engage and stick up for what you believe in verbally debating it. Don’t be afraid to compete; it will help you better deal with challenges and hurdles.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, but also respect other people’s opinions. Get in there and get your hands filthy, tossing ideas around. You must both defend yourself and interact with others. The inverted five of Wands This card in this position has two very distinct meanings, so I’m going to take a little bit more time with it to unpack it as they say.

5 of Wands Reversed 5 of Wands Reverse

The reverse of The Five of Wands can represent withdrawing from a battle, stepping back and no longer engaging with others, collecting all the ideas you’ve gotten and going to your cubicle or your office to sort them out, or it can reveal a battle getting ugly things people not following the rules.

With this card reversed, the best course of action can be two distinct paths, and I’m going to add a caveat at the end of this one-path a call for you to withdraw to step back.

There’s no longer anything to be engaged by debating over and over again you need to move away and process the information you’re going to get anything else by continuing to battle or it might be calling for you.

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