5 of Cups

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The Five of Cups express feelings of loss and while the loss is real in your life it’s causing you to ignore what you still have. You’re focusing so much on these spilled cups that we see here that you are turning away from the upright cups pictured here that are still quite full so there still is hope it’s important to find where that hope is and shift the focus onto that.

5 of Cups Meaning5 of Cups Meaning

Emotional disappointment, loss, grief, and melancholy are represented by the five cups. There’s a realization that you’ve lost something deeply meaningful, and you’re aware that there’s no way to get it back. This could also indicate an inability to appreciate what is left. This is someone who gets upset about spilled milk.

With Five of Cups, the best line of action is to feel sorrowful.

Accept that you have survived and that you will ultimately be able to go on by looking at what has been lost and accepting that there is no way to get it back. Take the time to look at what has been lost and accept that you have survived and that you will eventually be able to move on.

Allow yourself to feel sad for a while, knowing that you will eventually move on. The Five of Cups have been flipped over. This signifies the action of accepting loss and realizing that the time has come to move on.

You must turn around and pick up what is left before returning to your community. This could also be a sign of someone who is clinging to their misery. someone who is unable to admit or express pain, usually out of fear of the grief becoming overwhelming, yet this is usually the beginning of accepting and moving forward after a loss.

5 of Cups Reversed5 of Cups Reversed

The best line of action was reversed when the Five of Cups appeared. Look up to see what’s left.

You’ve suffered a real loss, and you’ve recognized that it’s time to move on.

Look around and accept that this loss is just water under the bridge. The bridge can now take you back to the people you love, the work you love, or something new.

Look towards the structures and healthy systems in your life that you’ve built and returned to. Basically, it’s time to gather what feeds your soul and move forward. That is the Five of Cups.


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