4 of Cups

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The Four of Cups has you feeling unfulfilled and yearning for a change. This could mean that you see what others have and wish for those things in your own life, but this can lead to an unhealthy cycle of attainment and longing that never actually addresses the root cause of your feelings of unfulfillment.

4 of Cups Meaning4 of Cups

This is the grumpy bored petulant pouting card from the Tarot. The Tarot embraces all facets of humanity, and this is one of them. This is a person sitting under a tree, refusing to accept what the universe has to offer.

This is someone who is disappointed, grumpy, and unwilling to interact, choosing to perceive the cup as half empty rather than half full. The best course of action with the four of cups is to sit on the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and watch repeats.

If you accept what’s being offered right now, you’ll just spill it because you’re not ready. Finally, just take a moment to realize things might not have turned out exactly how you wanted and that you might not want what’s being offered to you.

4 of Cups Reversed4 of Cups Reversed

The Four of Cups reversed time to get up from under your tree time to quit pouting okay everything will be fine you’ve been disappointed time to move on.

This is someone recuperating from a period of despair and deciding to get back into action, which could simply mean accepting a new job offer. The four cops would be the best course of action.

Start something fresh and accept the offer. Get up, start out, shake off the blues, and get moving because sometimes all you have to do is get moving and a good mood will follow. Stop pouting, you’re OK, it’s time to move on and recognize that everything is not lost, even though it feels like it.

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