3 of Swords

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The three of swords is a card of loss and heartbreak. There may have been some form of betrayal, and you may be facing mental pain. If you receive this card, it may signal that you must persevere and manage your emotions in order to move forward without breaking apart. However, the caution in this card is to be careful not to become completely separated from your emotions; You still want to be able to feel, experience, and engage with others.
3 of Swords Meaning

3 of Swords Meaning

This card denotes suffering. I’m sorry, but it’s a source of pain. It’s three swords in a heart, which means someone or something has pierced your heart, indicating disappointment, that goes beyond hurt and into heartbreak. It might also be jealousy wounded from a love triangle. This card isn’t subtle in any way, and pain is clearly a part of the human experience.

The best course of action with the three of swords is to experience the feels since life is a contact sport and no one has ever left this earth without experiencing this card at some point in their lives. There’s no way around it, if you don’t write it down.

If you don’t admit the loss, the agony will persist. Admit that you’re human. Unacknowledged pain transforms into anxiety, dread, and melancholy, so you may have to choose to be sad.

3 of Swords Reversed

The three of swords reversed represent letting go of the suffering and letting the swords fall out of your heart. It’s time to let go. Notice how gravity pulls the swords out of your heart when the card is reversed.

With three of swords reversed, it might also mean that you or someone else is not admitting or expressing hurt or disappointment. It could also mean that you’re pretending that everything is OK, when it isn’t. Let go of the hurt, It’s time to go on. Don’t let the hurt define you. It’s something that happened to you, but it’s not who you are.

3 of Swords Meaning

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