3 of Pentacles

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The Three of Pentacles is a card about knowledge. It’s about acquiring the vast amount of knowledge that is required to become truly good at anything. As you work to master a skill, you will begin to be recognized for your efforts. This recognition will give you increased confidence, which will feed back into the work you’re doing and lead to even greater success in the future.

3 of Pentacles Meaning3 of Pentacles Meaning

This card represents excellent communication and a shared vision. Satisfaction from hands-on work being committed to building something equality. This is you following a plan look at the people on the card.

Look at the people on the card, they are working together to build something concrete and wonderful.

This is someone who considers multiple points of view and combines them into one action the best course of action understand your role in a team: are you the leader, a supporter, a builder, an architect, or a client?

Also, listen to others and actively contribute embrace work and focus on building something if you work alone, make sure you’re incorporating all aspects of yourself and not just relying on one or two skills. Don’t try to save time by taking shortcuts.

This is a card that represents growth through hard work, and you will like it.

3 of Pentacles Reversed3 of Pentacles Reversed

Reverse indicates mediocrity plans not coming together. People working across purposes have an inability to reach a consensus and experience, being unable to communicate their vision or understand another person’s point of view.

This could just flat-out mean disagreement on how to do something. The best course of action with this card reversed understand you might not have the skills you need to proceed. You might need to study more and prepare more.

It could also mean that it’s best to go it alone because the team won’t be helpful. It could also mean that now isn’t the best time to start a project or that you need to take a break.

Be prepared that if you have a plan or idea to offer, it might be rejected. On the other hand, you might have to reject someone’s plan or idea and send them back to the drawing board to do more work so it’s work that’s not quite working.

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