2 of Wands

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When you get The Two of Wands, it can mean that your plans are starting to come together. There’s a recognition in this card that no matter how well you prepare, your successes will be tempered by setbacks. There’s the good and there’s the bad. It’s all a natural part of the building process, and all you have to do is keep pushing forward.

 2 of Wands Meaning2 of Wands Meaning

On the surface, the Two of Wands card depicts a person in a castle holding one wand and the world in their hands, and they appear to be very secure and set in their place, and they are they literally do have the world in their hands, but wands are the biggest action suit, so there’s tension.

You hold the world in one hand, and the other hand holds a project or something that you want to accomplish. With this card set up correctly, the optimal course of action is Plan, to visualize your desired outcome.

Before you go out into the world to make it happen, be as specific as possible. Make sure that your foundation is firm. Keep your eye on the big picture and stay grounded.

Don’t lose the ball. Look at what you have and hold on to it.

 2 of Wands Reversed2 of Wands Reversed

The reversed Two of Wands signify a desire to get out and move around. seize the day and leave your safe zone and leap forward.

This could indicate that you’re losing the ball, or that the project you haven’t been looking at is overwhelming your world a little bit, so keep that in mind, but it does reflect generally taking the leap out of the safe area.

With Two of Wands reversed, your best line of action is to take the plunge. You must stop preparing and visualizing and get out there and test your theories. Stop hammering out the details and try to put your plan into action.

Understand also that everything doesn’t have to be mapped out perfectly; you can’t plan for every contingency, and more importantly, with this card reversed, you just can’t; and to anticipate the complexity of the world Simmons, you just have to start and go.

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