2 of Pentacles

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The Two of Pentacles represent finding equilibrium in conflicting forces inside the self. Different aspects of life call on different portions of the self to dominate, but we lose balance when one of them is given more weight extended power than the others.

2 of Pentacles Meaning2 of Pentacles Meaning

As a human, the infinite ongoing juggle we encounter on earth is part of the path of being a physical being. The definition of infinity from the Merriam-webster is an unlimited extent of time-space or quantity or an indefinitely great number or amount, so I see The Two of Pentacles as the juggler.

This is someone who is juggling all their stuff: work, play, family, job, fun, tough stuff, car, house, clothes, food, money… everything there is the infinity symbol wrapped around those two coins. As you’ve got a juggling on your hands, you’ve got to keep all of your balls in the air while working and playing with your family and friends.

Just remain moving as you travel and rest. Keep juggling, you can do it. The guy on the card is a little silly, so expect to not be absolutely graceful and fancy while you do this. In the backdrop, you’ll see some ships, so expect a bumpy voyage.

The best course of action upright with the Two of Pentacles is to keep all of your balls in the air, don’t lose sight of anything, keep moving, go with the flow, and trust that you have the ability to keep all of your balls in the air and all of your ships upright and sailing even in turbulent waters, and most importantly, balance work and play not too much of one not too much of the other.

2 of Pentacles Reversed2 of Pentacles Reversed

The two of Pentacles reversed dropping a ball making a mistake.

The best course of action reversed is maybe you have to put down a ball maybe you do have to set something aside you have taken on too much. You’re going to have to edit, you’re going to have to choose.

If you put one ball down you end up with the ace of Pentacles back in your gypsy deck. So basically, pick one thing to do right now. You may have to delegate to someone else, but that’s good because you can’t be all things to all people and you can’t do it all.

You might be able to do it all tomorrow, but not today.


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