2 of Cups

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The Two of Cups is a card that signifies partnership, therefore if you get this card in a reading, it might mean that you are going to engage into a commitment with a true kindred spirit or that you are about to confront the possibility of a new relationship in your life.

2 of Cups Meaning2 of Cups Meaning

The two of cups signify an open and loving connection. It doesn’t have to be romantic, though it frequently is, but it usually just means a well-balanced partnership that uses both people’s skills and problems to create something bigger. It’s a really healthy relationship.

It’s a friendship based on the best of intentions and it’s just a very emotionally generous card. Something to celebrate, something to welcome. The best course of action with the Two of Cups is to accept love accept others for who they are and accept yourself for who you are.

2 of Cups Reversed

Two of Cups reversed indicate sadness, disappointment in another, or disappointment in yourself in one aspect of your personality, particularly one that involves how you relate to others.

It can reveal discord, a minor upset, mild depression, or simply feeling blah, and yes, it can indicate the end of a friendship or romance.

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When the two of cups are reversed, the best course of action is to realize that with love comes pain. If you love someone, they can disappoint you or you can disappoint them. If you’re in a dynamic relationship with healthy give and take, accept that there will be periodic disagreements.

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