10 of Wands

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The Ten of Wands depicts you carrying an enormous burden, which is depicted very well in the card by the figure here carrying a huge bundle of long sticks. With this card, you’ve taken on too much in trying to meet your goals, and it’s critical that you ask for help, which can be difficult because there are issues of pride involved. It’s also difficult to know who you can trust to come through for you and do the job as well.

10 of Wands Meaning10 of Wands Meaning

This card represents an abundance of responsibilities weighing you down. Just a lot of work juggling, too many tasks, too many responsibilities, too many projects, just too much. You’re overburdened there’s just so much to do. This is just someone working extremely hard.

It’s expecting much of yourself. Work and burdens are all you can see and handle. This is someone who is a workaholic. It is the sensation of having to take care of everyone and everything, it is the feeling of having lost yourself but being defined solely by your work and/or duties, and it can simply be the final laborious push to the finish line.

The Ten of Wands upright best course of action muscle through to the end you’re almost there just keep pushing forward and when you’re worried just keep pushing forward, you’re almost there.

Don’t stop, but be aware that you’re approaching the finish line.

10 of Wands Reversed10 of Wands Reversed

Push on with the reversed Ten of Wands. This denotes the release of an excessive number of tasks. The act of letting go denotes eventually reaching the finish line and being able to let go of some things. It can be a relief from almost unbearable anxiety, the giving up of overdoing, or the completion of a lengthy journey.

An end to a long and difficult journey can represent taking a much-needed vacation from workaholic behavior. This can indicate someone collapsing from working too hard.

The best course of action with The Ten of Wands Stop, let go and lay down your burdens. Even if you think you see the finish line, you need to re-evaluate all of these projects before moving forward.

Look at whether you’ve made it yet or if you’re just working obsessively out of habit rather than awareness. But generally, look at what you’ve chosen to take on and consider the possibility that you might need to edit or drop a few things or everything.

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