10 of Swords

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The Ten of Swords is one of the more powerful cards in the deck. It is a card that represents betrayal, with the victim being sealed either by another or by some form of self-sabotage. Perhaps this card represents truly hitting rock bottom, but as with everything in the Tarot, there is hope in that position because you’re given a clean slate and can rebuild your life in a more appropriate way.

10 of Swords Meaning10 of Swords Meaning

This card represents being stabbed in the back, being hurt, feeling victimized, or actually being victimized, being beaten up, and being exhausted at the end of a very difficult time.

This can be overkill obsessing over all the hurts done to you, or feelings of being paralyzed, stuck or pinned down. A long journey has come to an end, and you may be feeling betrayed, lost, or a failure, making things appear worse than they are.

It’s time to accept that something has come to an end that you may have lost, that you have been hurt, or that you have hurt another. You might also want to consider that you are being a little too hard on yourself or another because it only takes one sword to kill someone, not ten, so there’s a sense of overdoing it a little bit but generally, it’s you lost it’s done or you have this cyclist coming to an end.

In a way, it’s called not calling on you to do anything except perhaps analyze what got you here and look at that, as well as look at your mistakes. Look at the past and the outcome of this journey and know that you’ve arrived at the end the Sun is setting on the pain and the Sun will rise on a new day.

10 of Swords Reversed10 of Swords Reversed

Ten of Swords reversed. Let go and let all of this negativity fall out of your back release, even if you’ve been hurt or beaten up. It’s time to let go if you can’t stop ruminating and sit up and look at the new day. This can simply reveal a starting to recover. After being harmed or deceived is the best course of action with the ten of swords.

Reversed begin to heal let go of the pain let go of the hurt embrace a new beginning start to consider this new beginning, even if you’ve lost even. if it was a draw let go of the hurts that have been done to you and perhaps you need to forgive yourself and forgive another before you can move on but it’s time to move on and go climb those mountains that is The Ten of Swords.

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