10 of Cups

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The Ten of Cups is a very happy card that can specifically refer to harmonious home life and successful relationships. Oftentimes, this comes after a period of really struggling to find your place where you belong. A lot of times, this is about weighing traditional expectations versus your own ideas of happiness.

We see what appears to be a more traditionally constructed family in this card, but the ten of cups is about your happiness of finding what truly suits you and purging what no longer serves you.

10 of Cups Meaning10 of Cups Meaning

A loving couple stands together, arms spread, on the Ten of Cups, as their two children play nearby. They glance up at their hilltop home and see a gorgeous rainbow filled with ten cups in the sky.

These two are in true, everlasting love and have everything they could ever want — a home, children, and, most importantly, fulfilling love – and they share this link with the others in their lives.

The family home represents security and comfort, while the grassy hills represent fertility and the river represents emotional flow. The rainbow denotes the end of a tough period and is a sign from God that everything will be alright. The picturesque setting exudes profound emotional fulfillment and Divine love.

10 of Cups Reversed10 of Cups Reversed

In a Tarot reading, the reversed Ten of Cups card indicates that you are looking for more harmony and connection in your relationships. You had yearned for a lovely, harmonious relationship in your head, but in fact, you feel alienated and disengaged from your partner.

Something may appear to be missing, and you’re finding it difficult to speak honestly, empathize, and engage with one another. Something goes wrong every time you try to connect, and you wind up with even more gaps between you.

You can have unreasonable relationship expectations, such as expecting everything to be flawless and rosy every minute you are together. If this rings true, reset your expectations and accept that all relationships have ups and downs.

Alternatively, you may no longer be a good match for each other, in which case you should consider parting ways.

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